Tired of Your Old-Fashioned Drawing Room? Find Out How to Make It Look Luxurious!

It’s an amazing idea to go with the trend every year. But there’s one room in every house that needs to be organized with the latest trends. Well, it’s the drawing room. There’s no doubt that your drawing room has to be the most elegant and well-decorated room, but what should be done to create your own dream place in your own home?

Well, if you’re looking for an inspiration for redecorating your drawing room, we’ve got some really cool and chic ideas for transforming your drawing room into a trendy one. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at these amazing creative ideas for decorating your drawing room.

Choose Colors Carefully

Don’t even think about going for bright colours. Bright colours can make your drawing room look congested, so better go for grey, white, or dusty pink colour. Light colours on the walls can give a stunning and elegant outlook. You can even add a rug of marsala shade and few other accessories of the same shade in your drawing room so that the room can look more trendy and unique.

Experts say that colours are worth a time, especially when you’re decorating your drawing room. Make sure that chairs, sofas, and other accessories match the colour tones of walls.

Use Gold & Bronze

Nowadays, even the ordinary drawing rooms have luxurious features. According to the latest trends, metal tones like gold, copper, and brass are being used in most of the home decors. You can also use these glowing tones sparingly in furnishings, lighting fixtures, and other accessories, so that you can give a chic look to your drawing, without making it congested and old-fashioned with other bright colours.

You can also go for the white-on-white interior. Just paint your walls white and add pale furniture, as this is an elegant way to make any small space brighter and larger.


Lighting in your drawing room serves a dual purpose. It doesn’t only work as a decorative accessory, but also as a light source. It's really important to have a variety of lighting not only because it looks well with the décor, but for other events as well.

You can also go for a chandelier, as it can give a luxurious look to your drawing room. There are three types of lightning that can help a lot in making your drawing room more elegant and luminous. You can even go for ambient, task and accent lights as well. Ambient lights are used for overall illumination, while accent lights highlight specific accessories. You can even use table lamps and floor lamps for decorating your drawing room with lightning.

Work on Accent Walls

An accent wall is an amazing idea to break up a large room, to highlight great architectural feature, and to make your drawing room look extraordinary beautiful. You can find wonderful ideas on how to get it done by experts, but at the same time, you can do some of it all by yourself. Do a good research on how to utilize accent walls and determine what kind of accent wall will work best for you and your drawing room.

Accent walls are not only painted or decorated with wallpaper. You can give accent walls a personal touch by using a collection of books and pictures that can make the walls astonishing. You can even install spotlights and even an accent light in the ceiling of the room. They’ll help in creating a layered and vigorous lighting scheme.

Unique Furniture

Unique furniture can grab the attention of your guests and plays an important role in the decoration of drawing room. Statement furniture has been the centre stage since the beginning of this year, and has the ability to breathe new life, and also, stands out quite well with other furniture.

Metal & Wood Blends

The most preferred type of furniture in every home is wooden furniture. But if you follow the latest trends, then this is the era of geometric wire tables and chairs which are blended flawlessly with wooden furniture. Metal wiring patterns look tremendously awesome in lighting fixtures as well.

That’s all we’ve got right now to share with you.

Do you have any questions about how to decorate your drawing room? If you do, ask them in the comments section below.


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