Worried About How to Fix Flaking Paint in Your Home?

It’s obvious that you admire your home a lot and love the choices of décor that you’ve made for it, but there’s one thing that can really ruin the charm of your house. It is the paint that flakes off in patches on your walls and it can make you feel embarrassed in front of your guests if they notice it. Flaking paint looks really unpleasant and sometimes it could be a sign of some serious underlying problems that can undermine theworthof your home. Also, it can even make it hazardous for you to live in it.

There are many reasons why paint may flake off from the walls. However, you’re going to find out some of the main reasons of paint flaking in this blog.

Low-Quality Paint:

One of the major factors that are involved in paint flaking is the quality of paint that is being used. Substandard paint mixture on the walls can have a huge impact on the value of your home.  Some experts say that any brand that uses calcimine in its paint ingredients shouldn’t be used as these paints can easily flake off within few months.

In addition to that, low-quality paintsdo not usually have the same flexibility and coverageas the paints of reputable brands like Black Horse,Dulux,andMaster.Low-quality paints typically requiremore layers to get the desired colour which can leave the paint more prone to flaking and cracking.

No Proper Preparation for The Surface:

Paint will start flaking off the walls if they’re not properly cleaned, smoothed, or dried,during the construction. So, the surface has to be prepared impeccably by experts. Walls cannot get painted evenly or smoothly if they’vedetritus and dust particles on them.Primer helps in protecting the paint and the surface, so if you don’t use primer on the unpainted walls, then there’d be a 90% chance that the walls will get flaked.

Damp Walls:

One of the main reasons of paint flaking is when you get the walls painted in monsoon because walls trap moisture and paint billows with dampness. Paint won’t adhere to the walls properly,whichcan cause blistering and flaking.

When homes are being constructed, the structure needs to be dried out meticulously before starting the painting process. New construction can be quite soggy and a good contractor who knows each and everythingwon’t be hasty and wouldn’t paint over it instantly. So, make sure that you hire experts for this.

Not sure how to fix the problem?

You can find various ways of preventing and fixing the issue of paint in your home. Just make sure that you get experts forevaluating the problem,who can decide the best solution for the certain situation. To prevent yourself from further damage and hefty cost, get the flaking paint checked and fixed immediately.

Repaint the Surface:

The easiest way of fixing the minor flaking is to simply repaint the wall. If there’s an underlying issue, then this will be a temporary fix and the actual problem may become puffed up if it is delayed any longer. Clean the wall properly by usinga sandpaper, and remove the old paint carefully before repaintingit. A new layer of primer will also work, and let different layers of paint to dry up one by one so that the result would be really smooth and flaking won’t return as well. Plus, get the serious issues fixed before repainting the wall as it would prevent you from the future disasters.

Get the Wall Built with High-Quality Material:

Make sure that the walls are built with the high-quality material as it is the best way to prevent paint flaking. Make sure that your contractor has got the finestmaterial available and also, don’t try to rush into things, let the walls get dried thoroughly before you start the painting process.

Get Rid of The Seepage:

One of the main reasons of flaking paint is wall seepage so,it’s better todeal with it immediately. Seepage is something that should be examinedcarefully, so get it fixed really quick because sometimes flaking is the symptom of serious issues and it might require some major renovations.

In the end, you can deal with flaking paint in numerous ways, however, it depends on how and why it had occurred.Did you find this blog interesting? Do you have any questions related to this blog? If you do, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.


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