House Designs in Pakistan: Do You Know How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive?

Whenever you talk about a house design in Pakistan, the first word that you will hear would be ‘Marla’. But don’t get confused! Marla is a traditional unit of area used in Pakistan whichis almost equivalent to 160th of an acre.In most of the housing societies, you can easily get the house of 5-marla, 7-marla, and 10-marla. However, marla sizes may differ in urban and rural areasbecause,marlain rural areas is a little bit larger than 272 sq. ft.

Small Family House:

First of all, the design of houses in Pakistan usuallydepends on the requirements of the family. A small family home would be best for you if you have a small family. However, the price of 5-marla homes in the popular citieslike Karachi and Lahore can still cost a hefty amount of money but building a home in these cities can be a lot cheaper than buying one.

7-Marla House:

7-marla is usually the choice of growing families. Unlike 5-marla house, you’ll get a garden in a 7-marla house.The house of this size is usually the choice of middle-class families especially, if it has a small garden and is built ontwo storeys with 5 bedrooms.Pakistani people love to decorate their homes, they admire it more than anything. We can also help you in making your home look more elegant.

Modern Bedroom Designs:

Your bedroom should be the place where you can find comfort so, make sure that it’s decorated really well. Rounded table with a sofa set and two chairs would definitely work. Plus, make sure that thecolour of your bed matchs the furniture in the room.

What if your bedroom is small in size?

In 5-marla and 7-marla houses, the bedrooms are usually small. So, if your bedroom is tiny, the perfect way of making is cozy would be to incorporate wood on the wall.Do you want to make your bedroom look expensive? Replace the ceiling fixture with stylish hanging lights.

Dining Room Designs:

In every Pakistani dining room, the most important piece of furniture is the dining table. We live in a country where food is everything and the decision of choosing the best place where you can enjoy your lunch and dinner shouldn’t be taken lightly. A dining table that is made of glass would be an awesome choice, however, make sure that the table matches up with the dining room’s sofa set. You can also place table lamps if you want to enhance your moodor if you’re thinking of organizing a party.

Add Extra Chairs:

You can also add extra chairs at the corner of the room where you can serve your guests whenever there’s a party. Also, make sure that the chairs coordinate with your main dining chairs,however it’s not certainlythat important.

Drawing Room:

Your drawing room needs to be top notch as it’s the place where you’re going to entertain your guests. You can go for leather sofas, they’re very trendy.  The choice of colourmatters a lot in this room so, choose the colours wisely. Also, add plenty of pillows in your drawing room, but it’s an expensive way of decorating your room.

Want to make your drawing room look bigger?

If you want to make your dining room look bigger, then the best way of doing that is to add furry rugs into it. They’ll give expensive look to your room. A beautiful oversized throw draped in the drawing room can make it look more expensive and luxurious.Also, don’t forget to measure the window before you make a purchase for its curtain.

If you don’t have enough budget then you can go forfurry blanket or sheepskin throw on the couchas they can make your drawing room look luxurious.  A pedestal table or a metallic desk clock can add more glamour to a room. You can also hang apendant light in place of a traditional table lamp. A chandelier will also look amazing and will definitely make your room look bright and enchanted. 

Well, Pakistani home designs are quite unique and different from others, but you can update your interior according to the latest trends by following these simple tips.

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