Electricity Bill Going Up? Have A Look at These Amazing Tips to Bring It Down

Nowadays, a common problem of Pakistan is rising electricity bills. The government has increased Rs.4 per unit for an electricity bill.  The amount of load shedding is already too much however, the bills are still getting high. Well, there are few things that you can do to save a good amount of money on your home bills. By following few practices, you’ll not only save your money, but also the life of the appliances will increase.

Let’s find out some tips on how to save energy by reducing the electricity bills.

Turn Off Unnecessary Home Appliances:

The appliances that come with remote control technology usually consumes a massive amount of electricity. Like; if you turn off your television with a remote, not from the main supply switch, then it will still consume electricity. Same goes for the ACs. So, if you want to save money on the electricity bill, then turn off these appliances from the main power supply switch.

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Be Cautious About Electricity Usage Hours:

It’s often recommended to use machines like a washing machine, iron, and motor during the daytime. This is because the electricity unit is different for day and night in Pakistan. It’s even mentioned in the electricity bill that prices during the day are usually less, also, price per unit increases after 7 pm. It is the simplest method that can help you to reduce 20% of your electricity bill.

Avoid Using Dryers:

Dryers add a massive amount to your electricity bills. So, it’s recommended that you should not use machines like dryer because it consumes a heavy amount of electrical power. It’s better to avoid this practice and let your clothes get dry in the sun by hanging them outside.

Do Not Use Ordinary Bulbs:

By using energy saver bulbs, you can save 70% of your electricity bill because an ordinary bulb consumes a massive amount of electricity. Energy saving bulbs consume in hundreds per month, while an ordinary bulb consumes thousands in just one month.

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Turn Off Unused Appliances:

Switch off unnecessary air conditioners, lights, fans and other appliances if you want to save a good amount on your electricity bill. People usually leave their adopters and charges in the switch so, the experts say that every charger that is connected inside the switch consumes the heavy amount of electricity if you don’t completely turn them off.

Use Inverter Air Conditioner:

DC inverter ACs are getting popular in Pakistan day by day. Every single manufacturer is claiming that this new technology saves 60% to 75% of the electricity cost. Also, they’re very much environment-friendly and inexpensive.

Don’t Use Electric Heater:

As you already know that electric heaters are very much expensive and have a really high consumption rate. So, it is much better to use Japanese imported hybrid heaters.  These heaters require really low gas pressure and its electricity consumption rate is very low. Also, it will reduce your gas bills and electricity bills.

These heaters are also very much inexpensive and price of these heaters start from just PKR 4000.

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