Wondering How to Make Your Furniture Look Brand New?

After the construction of your home, you’d be left with only one thing, and that’d be setting it up with furniture. Whatever you choose, it’s going to have a huge impact on your home. Choosing furniture without any planning may end up as a disaster. After buying furniture, it’s obvious that you’d want it to look brand new for at least few years. Of course, it is just like an investment that you’re going to make in your own home and you want it to be worth it.

Keep Your Furniture Covered Up:

Let’s make it very clear! Covering up furniture does not mean that you leave the plastic wrapping on it or carelessly put sheets on it. You can keep your furniture clean and protected sophisticatedly by including blankets and throws into your décor. If you’ve got pets or children at your home, then there’s a chance of your furniture getting shabby or dirty. So, covering it up with elegant rugs and removing them when needed is literally the simplest and the best solution.

Polish Wooden Furniture:

Get your wooden furniture polished, at least once in two years if you want to protect it, and make it look brand new. Polish can cover up all the dullness and the scuff marks that are caused by dust. You just have to make sure that you hire a professional for this job, who uses the best equipment/material and can sand the wood efficiently. A little damp wrung out cloth will definitely work for regular maintenance and cleaning. Want to prevent your wooden furniture from the dreaded water rings? Well, you can use coasters or table mats on wooden furniture to prevent it from the water rings because we all know, that no matter how well you decorate your room with trendy furniture, water rings can make it look frowzy.

Rotate Your Cushions Regularly:

Rotate your cushions regularly so that only one side of it won’t get all the wear and tear. Also, cushion’s stuffing can get misshapen if only one side is used continuously. So, make sure you rotate your cushions every week and fluff them up regularly to maintain their comfort and shape.

Clean Upholstery on Daily Basis:

Upholstery needs to be meticulously cleaned at least once or twice every six months, it doesn’t matter what material or colour it may be. Get your furniture shampooed and washed by professionals so that it doesn’t start to look scruffy and old too soon.

Keep Your Furniture Away from The Sunlight:

Your furniture can easily fade in patches, especially the small parts of it, if it is exposed to sunlight. You know why? Because sunlight will give your furniture a worn-out look. Polish and upholstery need to be done on regular basis and your furniture also has to be maintained more carefully if it’s exposed to sunlight. So, it’s always better to keep it safe from the sunlight, if you want to keep your furniture look new for years.

Keep Dust Down:

One of the biggest enemies of any sort of furniture is dust. It acts just like an abrasive on upholstery/wood and dulls any kind of furniture. So, your furniture needs dusting regularly even if there isn’t any visible dirt on it. Rooms which are frequently used, like the living room, dusting should be done there regularly. For rooms which are used infrequently like the dining room, dusting once or twice a week will be enough, especially if they are not exposed to dust through open windows.

Use Natural Cleaning Products:

Don’t even think about using powdered cleaning materials on your furniture. Want to know why? Well, they can damage it quite badly, as they are very much abrasive and also reduces the lifespan of your furniture. Any kind of chemical cleaners should be avoided, as they are quite strong and can deteriorate your furniture really quick. Try to use the natural cleaners like baking soda or lemon, as they can clean up your furniture without deteriorating them.

In the end, we all know that well-maintained furniture is crucial for making your home look alluring and elegant.


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