DHA Lahore – Best Four Marla Investment Choices

One of the best approaches to make profits on a small investment is through obtaining four Marla commercial files. While there are a few options for you to choose from, the three main choices are DHA Phase 7 CCA 3, Phase 8-Broadway, and 9 Town.

As an amateur investor, you will be more worried about handpicking ideal properties over maintaining your budget. Picking a suitable real estate investment in Lahore is not a rocket science. It just takes a careful research and a stroke of luck.

Phase 7 CCA 3:

Looking for highest possible returns in X block? Go for a file named Sangatpura. Each of the 180 plots is of similar size with no balloting so far.

The reason being the town of Sangatpura still is still not completely cleared for development by DHA. Just around 35 plots have parking plots. The demand of the area is still high as it is broadly thought to be the most secure area in all of DHA.

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Phase 8 Broadway:

The Phase 8 was a revolution in DHA and took the project to another level.

A Cleverly arranged CCA 1 and CCA 2 make phase 8 a blend of business interest in Lahore. The medium and long-term investors have had a great success with Broadway Commercial Phase 8.

In 2015, profits were as high as 60% and the same trend continued in 2016 as well. All types of retailers, investors, and companies are buying a great deal of available opportunities in this commercial zone to assemble and open offices later on.

Financial specialists anticipate that in the medium term, costs at Broadway will outperform that of DHA Phase 3 Y and Z Block.

As the territory around the commercial zone becomes enriched with modern amenities, the demand will go even higher.

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9 Town:

Near Bedian street, the 4 Marla plots at 9 Town are an investors dream, mainly because of lower costs involved. However, the fact that CCA 2 of Phase 6 is on the opposite side of the Bedian street means that 9 town has a very small possibility of expansion in future.

While the cost is set above market average for a 4 Marla —310 Lacs to be precise — there are still plenty of opportunities for short-term investors.

For long-term investors, the risk is substantially higher as there are many unknown factors that could influence the future price.

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