Where to invest 20 million in DHA Lahore? A Million Dollar Question

The major objective of this article is to aware that one would focus on investing 10-20 million primarily in DHA Lahore. We are going to discuss different options which will surely help on making short, medium and long-term decisions. Where to invest 20 million in DHA is the million-dollar question that will open more investment options with the perspective of clients.

A mix and match strategy along with a single commodity strategy would help in expanding the risk element of hypothetical return on investments.

Phase 5 M block 1-Kanal:

Phase 5 M block is currently under construction phase. Now, their focus to construct an underpass from A block to M block of Phase 5. The principle rate is 145-175 lacs and is expected to cross 20 million after its possession.

This is a good option from an investment point of view but as far as living standards are concerned, the roads are very narrow and smaller.

The 1-kanal option is very suited as the location is one of the topmost in this neighboring.

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Phase 8, 1-Kanal:

Phase 8 1 Kanal options in X block, S block, T block are ideal for investment purposes. The prices in relative have already been crossed Phase 6 but the comforts planned and location would confirm that the gap increases further between these two phases.

Phase 8 T and S block are most desirable as you are able to get a plot at a better location reasonably.

Phase XI Rahbar 4 Marla File:

This is one of the best options particularly for someone who is living on that side which is next to Valencia town, Wapda town etc. It seems to be profitable in the nearest future after the completion of the ring road. The current rate of a developed commercial is at least 25%-30% which means that due to the infrastructure development of LDA, the growth rate will increase along with the ballot prices once the plot numbers are allotted. This is the best option for the upcoming time as Lahore continues to expand especially in that region where DHA Rahbar is located.

Phase 7 coupled with Phase 9 Town/ Phase 8 Y block:

Phase 7 is another good option but only in those blocks where the prices are relatively lower as compared to THE Phase 6 blocks. This clearly shows that anything in S block, U block, T block, Y block, Z1 block and parts of Q block would be much more than profitable in terms of return on an investment.

With a 25% return on ROI, we can double it with Phase 9 Town 5 or 8-Marla plot which is currently understated or a 5-Marla or 8-Marla plot in Y-block Phase 8 which are approaching possession and would give considerable returns.

Phase 8 IVY Green 1-Kanal:

Phase 8 IVY Green or Z block is expecting its possession in a year to year and a half’s time. This indicates that the possession bubble would surely give us the best possible returns in that particular time frame. So, one should make its exit strategy at the time when possession is announced and before the actual possession is given.

Take advantage of the buildup which would be created.

We can think about to couple this with various files such as Multan 1-Kanal, Gujranwala 1-Kanal or Peshawar 1-Kanal.

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  • Irtaza Iqbal

    December 28, 2017 AT 02:32 PM

    Thanks for that useful information.

    Irtaza Iqbal

    December 28, 2017 AT 02:32 PM

    Thanks for that useful information.

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