Most Trendy 1 Kanal House in DHA, Lahore

(DHA) Lahore is one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in the city of gardens in the real estate market. The community has consistently remained one of the best options for the purchasing of 1 Kanal homes in DHA, Lahore.  Thanks to its ideal location, safe environment, and well-developed infrastructure.

DHA provides property buyers not only the best facilities and amenities, but its properties also look like cash is in hand. It is easy to sell and buy with incredibly rapid and clear delivery. It has become harder to choose the best phases for 1 Kanal house in DHA, Lahore because it remained higher in demand throughout the year.

We are Pakistan's biggest and reliable property platform. While recommending the best to you, we do not rely on hunches or personal choices. If you are trying to purchase a 1-Kanal house in DHA, Lahore, but are uncertain about how far it goes, let our recorded and user-created data help you get the right property.


Average Price Of 1 Kanal House In DHA, Lahore


Avg. Price

DHA Phase 6


DHA Phase 5


DHA Phase 4


DHA Phase 3


DHA Phase 1


DHA Phase 8


DHA Phase 2


DHA Phase 7


Defence Raya


The data shows the average selling price of 1 Kanal house in Lahore's DHA.

It also shows that Phase 5 commands the highest price in contrast to all other phases. This phase is of higher property value because it is also fully developed and one of the oldest sectors in DHA, Lahore. DHA Phase 3, phase 4 and phase 6 are also the most effective phases of our series. All these phases are strategically located within the society and maintain good relations with the rest of the town. Furthermore, all Phase 6 sectors are situated across the popular Lahore Ring Road that connects it with other parts of the city.

In Phases 1, 2 and 7, which all are less than 4 crores, we also see the marked contrast between the average demand price of 1 Kanal houses in DHA, Lahore. This is mostly because these phases are located near some of the oldest and most famous commercial stretches of DHA. It made them less ideal for homebuyers who want it purely for residential purpose or for investment. The prices are however likely to fluctuate according to various factors, such as the condition of the property market and growth of the infrastructure of the project and the area.


Now Come The Most Popular Phases To Buy 1 Kanal Houses In DHA, Lahore

The following areas have proven to be the safest area to buy 1 Kanal house in DHA, Lahore, according to the searches. Now, let us know more about the three main phases that most homebuyers in Lahore have looked for in Defence Area. 


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1 Kanal House In DHA Phase 6 Lahore

DHA Phase 6 is located right next to Ring Road, one of Lahore's most popular roads which adds great comfort to the neighbourhood living. The availability of furnished and semi-furnished well-maintained homes, the serene environment and the proximity to city's top cafes and restaurants are other factors which make it a top step to purchase 1 Kanal houses in DHA Lahore. Few good examples are Gloria Jeans Coffee, The Sweet Tooth and Grill Town Lahore.


In addition, many of the city's main road connections and boulevards like Bedian Road Barki Road and Shabbir Sharif Road cover the area. Phase 6 is well-entered by DHA's most popular places, for example, the Defence Raya Golf Course, DHA Phase 8, and DHA Phase 5. Here the median cost of a 1 Kanal residential unit sale is PKR 4.8 crore.


1 Kanal House In DHA Phase 5 Lahore

DHA Phase 5 is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the city. It is counted according to the data of being searched the most advanced phases in DHA, Lahore.  It is resting right next to Lahore Ring Road. Based on collected data, this phase is the second most searched phase in DHA Lahore.

There are many urban open spaces, shopping centres, well-planned roads, underground cables and a 24/7 availability of critical services. All these things make it the best choice for those who want to invest in property in Lahore.

Here the Average Price of 1 Kanal House is PKR 6.1 crore, which makes it the best in all phases till now. The close involvement of some of Lahore's best schools also contributes to the value of phase 5. Some of the finest examples of this are the Allied School System, the City School Educators and Roots Millennium School. The neighbourhood is also surrounded by common road links such as Khayaban-e-Jinnah and Bedian Road which make living more comfortable.


1 Kanal House in DHA PHASE 4 Lahore

We have debated famous DHA phases which are best for the 1 Kanal houses, now we will discuss Phase 4 of DHA. It is another trendy phase with various bankable investments in Lahore. This area has an outstanding property value and has become one of of the most popular destinations of DHA among property investors in Lahore. The residents of this zone can have access to different types of amenities. Most of the town's urban spaces, which are ideal homes, are only a stone's throw away. Some of the major highlights of this phase are other services such as proper waste management and sewerage networks, continuous power supply, and outstanding urban planning.

As we find out, the average selling.


Price in DHA Lahore Phase 4 of a 1 Kanal House is PKR 4.7 crore.

The above-mentioned explanations include certain factors which maintain the value and popularity of Phase 4 DHA in the Lahore real estate market. In fact, the area is centrally located in Defense and is close to some significant educational establishments and sports academies in Lahore.  Some of the leading schools in close proximity to the area include the DHA Senior School for Girls, Roots IVY International School, Lahore Grammar School, the Beaconhouse School System and the Lahore University of Sciences.

We thus conclude our analysis of the best phases for the purchasing of 1 Kanal house in DHA in Lahore.


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