Guide to buy 10 Marla House in DHA, Lahore (New Trends)

Hands up if you want a home with a mix of all the things you love. It should have space and must be within your budget. As with the new fashion trends, we see new emerging home trends in Lahore DHA. All come in one category, 10 Marla house trends in DHA.

DHA is a known real estate market in Pakistan, with several projects in various cities underway. DHA's societies are well established and hold prestige in Lahore. All-year-round investors flock to the area to find homes and plots in order to invest in this community for business purposes. f you are looking for the 10 marla houses in DHA, then you are lucky that you come here. We have all the data and information about prices in this regard.


What Is The Average Price Of 10 Marla Houses In DHA?

According to the above data, phases 4, 5 and 6 are the pricing rules, reflecting the highest average prices in phases 3 and 8. Phases one to five being DHA's oldest area. They were fully developed, with 10 marla houses for sale. These are also centrally located in town and have easy access to the main boulevard, which in turn increases demand and prices. Located on the other side of Lahore Ring Road, DHA phase 6 is also fully developed with the high price and demand-friendly houses.

In the meantime, the most developing sector under construction is Phase 8 according to 10 marla house in DHA, Lahore Air Avenue and Park View are the most admired areas here. Defence Raya and DHA 9 Town follow closely the average prices for the 10 Marlas house with Phase 9 Town fully developed.  Defence Raya, due to the proximity to the greens, attracts golfing from across the country.


What Are The Most Popular Phases For 10 Marla Houses In DHA?

we can see that certain phases of DHA, Lahore, are very popular among buyers who are looking for 10 marla houses. The data collected show a current trend between phases 8, 6 and 5, followed by phases 4 and 1. Here we are discussing the top three phases of DHA, Lahore, and explaining why 10 marla homes are so popular for sale.


DHA Phase 8 Lahore For 10 Marla Houses For Sale

A large majority of people want to invest in phase 8 DHA in the context of 10 Marla house trends. Since Phase 8 is divided into five districts including Air Avenue (Commercial Broadway), Park View, Block Z (also known as IVY Green) and Block S-Y (including Blocks S to Y).  The overall charm of owning a property in Phase 8 is strengthened with a great deal of interest of buyers.


At Phase 8, the average price of a 10 marla house is PKR 2.58 crore.

In terms of investment, Phase 8 host of amenities, such as the,

  • Biggest park
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial areas


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DHA PHASE 6 Lahore For 10 Marla Houses For Sale

Phase 6 is fully established, taking the second position among the best phases for 10 marla houses for sale in DHA, Lahore. Phase 6 has played a prominent role in stakeholders and is one of the most structured and established phases of DHA, ever since the earlier phases 1 to 5. ⠀

PKR 2.98 Crore is the price for 10 marla homes in Phase 6

Amenities in Phase  6

  • Parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Wide roads
  • Underground cabling
  • Continuous supply of utilities
  • Sports complex
  • Easy commute to defence Raya golf resort


DHA Phase 5 For 1o Marla Houses For Sale

We are now come on phase 5, on our list of the best phases for 10 marla houses, in DHA in Lahore, which makes this a convenient residential location. This phase is divided into Blocks A to L, and Block F and D are near to the LUMS University.


The average price of 10 marla house in Phase 5 is PKR 3.4 crore.

Block K and L are the most popular building blocks for this investment. All blocks share a sports complex, have easy access to the shopping area and above all a number of schools on the western borders of phase 5. Some of the leading schools include Lahore Grammar School, DHA Girls ' Senior School, Roots IVY International School, and Beaconhouse.

In summary, we can see that some phases in DHA, Lahore have more to offer than others. That's why their demand is increasing accordingly.


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