All You Want to Know: Top Hotel Chains in Pakistan

For travel seekers, luxury hotels and resorts are great, but if you want a secure accommodation, then hotel chains are the bigwigs. 

So, what do you exactly mean a “Hotel Chain”?

It is a community of hotels owned, run and managed by a single company. The chain hotels are usually located across various places but are associated with service and equipment standards. This makes hotel chains safe in the hospitality sector.


Here scroll down to know best hotel chains.


First Hotel Chains: Serena Hotels

Hotels Serena is one of Pakistan's most important hotel chains. Serena Resorts operates a complex network of luxury Pakistani resorts. This hotel chains located in 8 major cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Hunza, Gilgit, Quetta, Swat, Serena Shigar Fort and Serena Khaplu Palace. Serena Hotels has an international standard. The company is renowned for its safety and prime positions for business travelers and foreigners. Hotel Serena provides pool, spa, gym and well-equipped corporate event services. The services and well-trained staff are the trademarks of this chain.


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Second Hotel Chains: Pearl Continental Hotels

The Pearl Continental hotel is one of the biggest and the oldest hotel chain servicing Pakistan's hospitality industry for several decades. Pearl Continental Hotels is a network of 5-star luxury hotels operated as a branch of the renowned Hashoo Group and also operate the 2 Marriott Hotels inside Pakistan via the franchise system. In recent years, it has been expanding into remote areas and now covers seven hotels throughout Pakistan. Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Bhurban, Muzaffarabad and Gwadar are locations of Hashoo Group Hotels.

Pearl Continental Hotels offers award-winning services, quality restaurants and fantastic interior design. In the delivery of first-class customer services, no rock is unturned. Through their state visits, it was privileged to welcome Queen Elizabeth II, Nelson Mandela & King Hussain of Jordan. For business students and foreign travelers, as well as for couples on honeymoon, this hotel chain is the leading option. PC Bhurban is renowned for its spectacular views, and PC Karachi is a center for meetings, seminars and exhibitions in the city.


Third Hotel Chains: Avari Hotel

It is one of the oldest and most prominent hotel chains in Pakistan, established by Mr. Byram D. Avari (Chairman) and his sons Mr. Dinshaw Avari and Mr. Xerxes Avari in 1944. It is the first Pakistani hotel company which won the management contract. Now it is managed locally and internationally.  The hotel chain has also operated the renowned Avari Towers. The Avari Lahore and two premises in Dubai (Avari Barsha and Avari Dubai) and one in Toronto.

The Headquarters of This Chain is in Karachi.

Both hotels offer excellent room services, monitors primary temperatures, specific global dialing systems, concierge services, sanitation, and emergency services, as well as free shuttle facilities to the airport. The hotel chain has given tourism markets with a needed boost and created a highly qualified workforce completely prepared to give their loyal customers complete satisfaction and safety.


Fourth: Hotel One Chain

A hotel chain of renowned group Hashoo Group (Marriot and Pearl Continental) The hotel One Express was first launched in 2008 in Pakistan. It is rapidly expanded and gained a strong customer base. Hotel One is located in Karachi, Skardu, Murree, Multan, Lahore, Rahim Yar Khan. The hotel chain provides travelers with a relaxing experience at low prices. Customers usually give their reviews as a remarkable hotel that gives five-star facilities in the price of 3-star hotels. This is demonstrated by the rapid expansion of its branches. All hotels under this chain provide outstanding facilities for housekeeping.

Final Words

The Tourism Industry of Pakistan has seen a much-needed rise in the number of local and international travelers in recent years. Although all of us concentrate on the spectacular hotels of the north and the rough mountains in the south, the hotel sector in Pakistan is often forgotten. The hotel industry in the country has a great history and retains tradition. Through our operations over the years, we have picked these hotel chains all through Pakistan.


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