October is The Best Time to Visit Skardu

It’s time to visit Skardu.


Yes! October is said to be the best time to experience Skardu.


However other seasons are also there to visit such as April to July and August to October.


In this article, we will learn about why October is best according to Temperature, humidity, rainfall. Other reasons to visit there, crowded or least expensive days in Skardu and at last THINGS TO DO IN SKARDU.


In the northern part of Pakistan, the weather patterns of the Skardu are virtually the same in seasons like those in Kel, Sharda, Toabutt, Kalam and Murree. Although there are differences–in some places more rain and snow are induced by the mountain ranges than in others–it is cold in winter everywhere and warm in summer at most locations. Summertime is most common with pleasant temperatures and sunny days. Spring arrives in late April and finishes in June, and maybe a wonderful time to visit year after year, with a steady melt of snow exposing woods and wildflowers.

The height of the salmon run in September to October is known to attract a large number of bears. It is also the beginning of autumn. It dates from October, with spectacular foliage.


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Enjoying in Skardu from August – October

During the fall the climate is cool, with beautiful colors turning in the autumn foliage. Although the weather is colder, many outdoor activities can be enjoyed. It's particularly great to visit Altit Fort, with fewer people and the beautiful colors of the autumn along the Baltit and Shigar Fort. The end of a Salmon Run also starts in September. It is a good month for fishing of migrating Salmon in the Deosai National Park. October starts to be colder, however, offers the opportunity to see the polar bears when they return from their summer habitat.

Let’s have a look at weather conditions in Skardu during October

Weather conditions in Skardu


Skardu has a dramatic average temperature. In terms of moisture, temperatures feel cold for nearly half a year and mild with little possibility of rain for the most part of the year. The area is somewhat temperate-for pleasant weather in the 44th percentile-compared to worldwide tourist destinations. Best months with ideal conditions are listed below: The hottest months are in July, August and June if you're hunting for the perfect time to visit Skardu.  Throughout early August, the warmest time of the year is typically about 87.1 ° F (31.1 ° C) and in the twilight, temperatures never fall to 67.1 ° F (19.5 ° C).


Rainfall or Snow

If you want to visit there in dry weather with no rain then November, December and January will be the months with the lowest risk of severe rainfall. It should be noted that in this paragraph we describe significant rainfall" as 0.1 inches or more. From mid to late November there is the lowest chance of rain and snow.  In addition, rain or snow in mid-April will most definitely be the week of 16 April with an estimated 2 days of heavy precipitation.

Do you want to see snow in Skardu? Weather stations record a lot of snow from season around March, particularly in the early hours of mid-March.


Moistness and Wind Conditions in Skardu

Skardu has months of high moisture. June is the least humid month (55.1%), while December is the wettest month around (68.9%).

The wind is normally very quiet in Skardu. June, preceded by May and March, is the windiest month. The maximum wind speed of June of between one and three knots (1.5 MPH or 2.5 KPh) is considered to be light air." Maximum steady winds are believed to be at its maximum at the start and the middle of June, with the highest sustained levels of about 3.5 known as "soft air."


Is Skardu Save To Travel?

This field is quite unpredictable, particularly in some places as our best information suggest. As from October 7, 2019, Pakistan gets strict travel advisories and regional advisories; stop non-essential journeys and travel in some places.


Crowded Vs Least Crowded Months

June, followed by May and April, is the busiest month for tourism in Skardu, Pakistan. Hotel and flight prices in these months will be the most expensive, though you can save when you are buying well in advance. In October, tourists will probably not visit Skardu. It will be likely to be the least expensive month for those who are willing, at this time.


Travel to Skardu In Other Months

However other than October, other best months to visit Skardu

Spring (March-May)

Moisture and temperatures combine to balance this season. High temperatures vary in the following month from 79.6 ° C (26.4 ° C) to 54.8 ° F (12.7 ° C). With 5 to 6 days of heavy rainfall per month, it is somewhat common. Spring is the best tourist time which makes it a great opportunity for people who wants to see the colors.

Summer (June – August)

The mid-year weather with high temperatures is very comfortable and quite warm. Moderate rainfall is recorded these months 3 to 4 days a month. June–August is Skardu's second busiest tourist season, so it may cost a little more for lodging and accommodation.

Fall (September – November)

Downpour falls every day from 81.3 ° F (27.4 ° C) and 56.7 ° F (13.7 ° C), keeping the breeze and humidity easy. The total amount of rain and snow is 1-3 days a month. Due to the weather, tourism is the slowest in these months, so hotels can be affordable and convenient.

Winter (December – February)

This time of year, the climate in Skardu is too cold to be fun for the warm weather travellers. During this time the average temperature varies from 54.8 ° F to 7.7 ° C. The temperature is between 45.8 ° F. It rains and snows slightly on average: two to six times a month. These times of the year with tourists are quite slow.


 Best things to enjoy in Skardu:

  • Fishing Salmon
  • Mountaineering, Trekking and Hiking
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Wildlife in Skardu
  • Walking expeditions to Narsok (Pure Spring)


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