Romantic Balcony Ideas with Modern Ideas

Have you ever seen the play “Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare!

Then you must be inspired by the Balcony where Romeo speaks the romantic lines:


“But soft what light through

Yonder window breaks?

It is the east, and Juliet is the sun

Arise, fair sun and kill the envious moon”


Juliet was standing on a balcony that is romantic like the words of Romeo.

But in real life, we all wanted a romantic, flowery green balcony where we can easily sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy rising sun.

You want to decorate balcony, no matter if it is small one. You owe it or to your friends to have a best time with putting on lawn chairs and call it a full day. 

To create a Shakespearean picture, except for a little chic and no sadness, let's get inspired by these following ideas and inspirations. We have to find just a Romeo now.


1-Use Furniture That Saves the Space

You don't have to have a wide balcony to allow full use of it. Chooses furniture which saves space, such as a sturdy wood bench. Then, make it comfortable and inviting, add color and pattern to a rug, and put a plant in the corner.


2-Put A Hanging Vase with Flowery Plants

Add a bold metallic hanging vase on the ceiling of the balcony with flowery plants. In summer or spring, it will give soothing colourful look.  It’s a great way to jazz up exterior of balcony. The hanging plants look wonderful from out.


3-Use balcony as Modern Dining

If you don't have space inside of your house and want outdoor dining than balcony serves the best purpose.  Use your balcony as a dining area outdoors, build a certain shade – or establish a theme – with such awe catching a look. The shiny yellow stripes add a happy look. We appreciate the primary color arrangement with a red vase and a blue bowl that make the dining room bright.


4-You Can Treat Your Balcony A Reading Room

Use a model for the design of a study room on your balcony to guarantee you want to spend time there. Two armchairs, a comfortable couch, a coffee table, a light lamp and a rug area. Since it's an outdoor zone, make it covered with glass roof and walls.


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5-Enjoy A Vocational Vibe There

If your balcony is wide enough, choose to read or take sunbathe over there on some lounge chairs rather than traditional patio furniture. It’s a great opportunity to let your inner plant parent shine here. It’s an alternative for If you don't have space for a full-blown rooftop garden.


6- Candles with A Sense of Privacy

For a romantic atmosphere, line up some big romantic candles on the table. Make sure you don't put them near the rim too close. Then, pour in a bohemian style and comfort a Papasan chair in the corner.

Choose an outdoor sofa or chair. It takes less space, but it can be as comfortable when you add a cushion, throw pillows and a blanket to enjoy cold nights with stars on above.


7-Transfer Your Balcony into An Herb Garden

When you love to cook as much as you enjoy outdoors, set up a mini-garden so plant your own herbs. If you have no large garden inside, this is the perfect place to do this. And you don't need to spend in any decoration of a balcony, the plants speak for themselves.


8-Choose A Glass Railings

Instead of sturdy and fitted railings, pick the glass barrier. You should feel like the balcony leads up to the stars. Furthermore, they are cooler than edgier, simpler, so if your home is new, they both will mix together.


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