Singapore company is interested in NPHP project

Lahore: On Tuesday, Pomeroy Studio, a Singaporean building company, stated an interest in designing low-cost buildings in Punjab, a media source reports. The firm specializes in developing inexpensive real estate projects.

A number of the company's officials, under Jason Pomeroy's leadership, met with Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed, the Lahore Minister of Housing and Urban Development, where he told about low cost developments.


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Pomeroy said that the company was using "prefabrication technology," which made it easier to build 40-story houses within 18 months. He added that they had a reputation in Singapore, Indonesia and Sweden for creating high-quality constructions.

In reply, Rasheed accepted their proposals regarding the growth of low-cost homes and said it would profit the provincial government from the experience and expertise of the company.

He repeated that the NPHP concentrated on ensuring accessible and high-quality mass accommodation; added that earlier the ambitious system had drawn investment interests in various countries.


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