RDA Asks Private Housing Schemes to Provide Fundamental Facilities

Rawalpindi: A media outlet has noted that the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has chosen to examine private housing schemes to guarantee the supply of fundamental facilities. To that end, the Civic Agency formed a group under the supervision of Tahir Miyo, Director of Metropolitan Town Planning & Traffic Engineering.


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A survey of the residential schemes operating under the competence of RDA was carried out by the team. The Authority is committed to ensuring that these communities provide fundamental metropolitan services as indicated in its authorized design plans.

A number of installations-including business fields, highways, mosques, hospitals, cemeteries, and parks-will be checked in these private communities. The group will undertake numerous studies.

According to accounts, a number of housing systems operate in town in order to carve residential properties in areas reserved for facilities and sell them for exorbitant profits.


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