WASA Campaigns to Improve the Water Issues Across Pakistan

Rawalpindi: In an attempt to reduce the shortage of water in Rawalpindi, the Water & Sanitation Agency (WASA) intends to automate its water supply system.The authority will be prepared to subdue the illegality of "valve-men mafia" operations in Rawalpindi with the installation of an integrated water distribution monitoring system.


Chief Executive Officer of the WASA, Arif Abbasi; and MD Muhammad Tanvir, who spoke at a conference with ITU officials, have recently voiced their opinions on this topical issue.

In-depth analysis on the benefits of automating a Rawal Lake filtration plant, mini filtering plants and tube wells in the town was given by the ITU delegation. They expanded ITU support to WASA to promote this process.


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The system would enable the WASA surveillance of other basic water parameters independently.The ITU delegate said that it would be semi-automated for the proposed Rawal Lake filtration plant. Their automation helps WASA to monitor internet water input and outflow.


It is anticipated that this system will assist WASA to preserve a certain level of water supply and to check the quality of water. In this respect, the ITU committee has provided a pilot project. If it demonstrates good, the water company would reproduce the design throughout Rawalpindi.


In reply, the WASA leader praised the proposal and ordered the MD immediately to begin work on the proposal. The MD indicated that for development reasons, the Agency chose five mini-filtration plants and the Rawal Lake filter plant. He stated that from next week on they will start collaborating on the task.


In a previous report, a plan has been formed by the Water & Sanitation Agency (WASA) to enhance Rawalpindi water availability. In accordance with the current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the authorities have chosen to run all current tube wells.


Strict monitoring of tube well operators is included in the latest SOPs. They also guide officers to enhance the technical operation of the tube wells. In accordance with Rawalpindi Development Authority's instructions and with the WASA President Muhammad Arif Ali's instructions, WASA has drawn up the new plan.WASA was told, in these directives, to guarantee that safety standards were maintained in its tube wells and to prevent technical machinery failures.In the meantime, Muhammad Tanvir, WASA's managing director, has ordered all assistant managers of WASA water supply to improve the process.


Meanwhile, the WASA, introduced the customer service' Hazir Sir, in Lahore. The services will provide individuals at their doorstep with instant assistance and answer to WASA-related issues.

The service was started at the direction of Syed Zahid Aziz, WASA Managing Director (MD).



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