Pros of First Floor Apartments: What Are the Benefits of Lower vs Higher Floor Living?

People usually prefer the highest floor when it comes to apartment hunting as it has the best view, and you can also stay away from the noise of residents talking outside. Many people also think that they’ll be safer from the risk of theft. That’s why first-floor apartments have a bad reputation. But is it really okay to think that way? Because there are actually many benefits of a ground floor apartment!

It’s a lot easier to move in when there are no stairs, but, it’s not that easy to lug heavy furniture up narrow stairwells, and at the same time, you cannot cram your stuff into an elevator.

You’ll Be Cooler in The Summer:

If you live in the south, then you must know the brutality of the summer months there. So, living on an upper floor can be really tough for you as your electric bills will get higher by just trying to keep your place comfortable and cool. But you won’t have that problem to the same degree if you live on a ground floor apartment.

Lower Cost:

No doubt, many people prefer an upper-level apartment just because of security reasons. If you choose the first-floor apartment, then, you may have to pay less rent each month. But, this is not always advertised, so you can ask your leasing agent if that’s the same case with you, and you never know, you might get a surprise.

Do you want to make your first-floor unit more enticing? Well, some managers will put advanced appliances and various other amenities into the unit and this is something that you’ve to keep in mind especially when you’re comparing apartments.

 Getting in And Out Becomes A Lot Easier:

The exist can become very convenient if you have a patio that you can lock from the outside. In that way, you won’t have to go outside through the hallways or shared entries. If you’re an introvert, then the first floor is an excellent choice for you because you can have your own privacy. Plus, you won’t have to deal with neighbours as well.

It’s always appealing when you don’t have to deal with stairs and elevators especially, if you’re a senior citizen. If you’re looking for an apartment for your parents or an elderly friend, then you have to look out for the first floor. Apartments on the first floor are also a blessing for disabled renters, as they’re typically near the parking.

Proximity to Your Vehicle:

It’s literally a blessing when you don’t have to climb stairs or wait for an elevator especially after working for a long day or if you’ve come home with lots of groceries. You can easily retrieve stuff if you’ve left it in your car. Do you enjoy cycling? If you do, then there’d no hassle. Just step outside and jump on your bike! You can also store your bike inside your unit if you live on the ground level.


If you’re thinking about living in an upper floor unit, you must know that you’re going to have neighbours below you, and you’ll be hearing every single move of them. But, if you live on the first floor, then there’s nothing to worry about! It won’t matter how you let your kids or dog run around as these things usually affect neighbours, especially when you have small children. Also, if you live on the ground floor, you can easily access the gardens and courtyards of your apartment community.

 Do you have Pets?

Well, pets can easily manage stairs, but they don’t really like them. Many residents don’t really like sharing an elevator with animals. But if you live on the ground level, then you won’t have to deal with this problem.

First-floor apartments can give you lots of benefits without troubling your budget. The first priority of a landlord is to dwell in all the units, and that can become a good bargaining chip for you especially when you’re pricing the first-floor unit. You can find a number of beautiful and affordable first-floor units, but you’ll have to search out a bit to find the one that you’ve always admired.


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