DIY SECURITY TIPS: Find Out Ways to Improve Your Apartment Security

Personal security is a major factor, it doesn’t matter if you live in a small house, or in a large apartment building. It’s obvious that your landlord will ensure you that there’s foolproof security, however, you may need some DIY security tips so you can protect your personal stuff and valuables, and make sure that your apartment is safe for you.

Let’s find out some inexpensive and simple ways to protect your apartment from the burglars.

Install Motion Sensors:

Wireless security systems usually have surveillance and sensors options. Sensors are not very much expensive; however, surveillance and security cameras can be a little bit more expensive. A sensor makes a loud noise when someone tries to open a window or a door, so they should be installed over them. The sensor can scare away the intruder and by the loud noise, your neighbours would also get alert.


You might want to install security camera if you’re tech-savvy. You can also use a fake camera, because only a sight of a camera can scare away the intruder. However, a real security camera will give you recorded evidence, if anything goes wrong in your apartment.

You can also use WIFI enabled devices and basic security cameras that can be easily accessed from the smartphone. But if you spend your max amount of time away from your home, then WIFI enabled devices are best for you.

Hide Your Valuables in A Better Spot:

Credit cards, jewellery, cash and electronics are those few things that are easy to sell, that’s why most burglars are after them. There’s a chance that an intruder would go to the master bedroom first, as it’s the place where most of the people keep their valuables.

You can reduce the risk of your things getting stolen, by hiding your stuff in a better spot. You can hide your valuables in stuff like; false containers in the kitchen or in the back of the freezer.

Get Help from Your Neighbours:

According to Chris McGoey, good neighbours always look out for each other. Talk to your neighbours and get to know them by inviting them into your place. Watch out for your neighbours, whenever it’s possible. By doing so, there’s a chance that that’d do the same for you.

Motion Detectors:

Motion detectors are quite different from sensors. Motion detectors are generally used with security lights by many people, because the security lights turn on whenever someone approaches. An intruder can be easily scared off by the lights, thinking someone is home.

Other motion detectors send an alert through WIFI. Such motion detectors usually come with a wireless console that can be connected to your WIFI network. Motion sensors and detectors are cost-effective since they can easily trick an intruder into thinking that someone’s at home.

Use Advanced Locks:

You’ll need to upgrade your locks if you want more peace of mind. Use double cylinder deadbolt if you want more security for your home. If you live with your roommates, then smart locks and digital locks are best for you. You can also install a remote entry lock or a keyless entry lock that you can easily access from your phone, especially if you want to avoid lockouts.

Make Them Think You’re Home:

Most of the break-ins happen during the morning when people are at work. Try to leave some lights, or your radio on, making it hard for the intruder to figure out whether someone’s at home or not. This action can trick an intruder into thinking that someone’s at home.

These DIY security tips can help you to keep your valuables and your home safe. You can protect your apartment from the burglars by following these simple steps.


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