Goldcrest Mall & Residency DHA, Lahore - A Lucrative Investment Option

Multi-dwelling, Goldcrest Mall & Residency in DHA, Lahore is just about to get finished, as it has reached to its last floor. It’s definitely going to become an icon of DHA. It is constructed with a height of 210ft on 27.55-kanal. Goldcrest Mall & Residency would grab the attention of many as it is already constructed in a well-developed zone of DHA.  This gigantic multi-dwelling offers residency, grocery superstore, shopping mall, play area, and many other amenities. There are total 18 floors in Goldcrest Mall & Residency, with 4 basements and 1 ground floor.


The first three floors and the ground floor are going to be used for commercial purposes, the fourth one as the maintenance floor, and the other 10 floors will offer luxury apartments.

Location always matters! It defines whether the project will be successful in the future or not. As we all know that DHA is the posh area of Lahore and it caters a huge amount of both upper and middle-class population, now it’s finally going to have a multi-dwelling within its boundaries. Rather than travelling all the way to Gulberg, residents of DHA will be diverted towards the Goldcrest Mall & Residency.

Superstore & Play Area:

There are some rumours that the Al Fatah store, which is quite well-known superstore in Pakistan is also going to shift in the Goldcrest mall & residency and for that, it has already booked an area of 45000 sq. ft. on the ground floor. Al Fatah has a high demand because all the international brands and high-quality products are available here.

On the 3rd floor, a well-known playland for the children has been also booked. It isn’t going to be an old-time play area, because this play area will have modern rides for the children. ‘Fun City’ would be managing it as it provides a decorated and themed atmosphere for the children, so they can cherish every moment of their childhood.

A food court has been also planned in the dwelling where fast food will be served. Goldcrest mall & residency is going to be the first multi-dwelling in DHA Lahore.


A huge crowd (middle to upper class) has been carted by DHA. The main road of phase 3 DHA needed to expand due to the traffic flow and commercial activity, and DHA did it overnight.

Let’s accept it, none of us has seen such a speedy road construction and traffic management in Lahore before. DHA has prepared itself with the modern construction machinery and castigation for every kind of hassle.

Goldcrest mall & residency is constructed with a modern architecture which is going to give a magnificent view. It has got a huge terrace where residents will have a wonderful view of the area. The first impression of a building is its lobby, and there’s going to be a well-designed grand lobby in Goldcrest mall and residency, where you can have a wonderful time with your guests and friends. The lobby would be decorated with modern interior designing, marble floors and indoor plants, which would clearly tell you that you’re living in DHA.

In Lahore, it gets really hot in summer, and if you want to make your summers perfect, Goldcrest is going to be an amazing option for you, because the new modern technology climate control system will be installed there. The climate control system would adjust the desired temperature automatically that’ll make you feel peppy all day.

Now let’s talk about security! The developer is going to provide a foolproof security, with CCTV cameras, and highly trained security officers. Wireless control of the apartments will be given to the residents, so they can activate it while they are away from their apartment.

Is it the right decision to invest in this project?

A multi-dwelling is always a profitable investment and as it is already mentioned above that Goldcrest is going to be the first multi-dwelling in DHA Lahore, this means that it will be a profitable investment, and it is indeed an amazing opportunity for genuine buyers as well.


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