Scheme 45: A Booming Addition to Karachi’s Realty Market

Karachi is best known for its modern architecture and high-rise buildings that you cannot find anywhere else in Pakistan. You can find multiple residential ventures in different schemes of Karachi. Scheme 45 is one of the best upcoming scheme, which is located on the main of Northern Bypass near Gulshan-e-Maymar. Let’s find out some of the most searched out housing schemes!

Multi Color:

Another booming addition to the realty market of Karachi is Multi Color. The society offers both commercial and residential plots. The development work will be completed in the area within six months and after that possession will be granted to the property owners.

Booking for residential and commercial plots in the society has been also started. More than two hundred plots are available in the society and it’s a promising opportunity for the future investment as well. Plotting for commercial properties hasn’t started yet, however each residential plot of 120 sq. ft. is offered by the society.

Golden Valley:

Golden Valley is developing really fast, and the development is expected to be completed within the time period of six months. Possession for the residential plots will be available after the complete development of the society. Residential plots of 120 sq. ft. each is available in the society, however, the plotting for commercial areas hasn’t been done yet.

According to Syed Fahad Tauqeer, people are very much interested in investing here and because of its prodigious location, buyers intensely want to live in this area. He is also very optimistic that investors will start investing in the area within in a very short period of time.

Jinnah Residency:

One of the amazing projects in Scheme 45 is Jinnah Residency. Jinnah Residency is a project by Awabeen Builders and Developers. The project was recently launched and has already grabbed the attention of many buyers and sellers. The project is designed for those buyers, who are looking for a safe avenue of investment, so they can live a comfortable life. The project will ensure a high standard of living for its residents.

People are buying both commercial and residential plots in the society. At this time, only few investors are investing here, but the market would definitely see an increased activity in the area soon.

Furthermore, the project will introduce almost 300 constructed houses, and over 350 other plots as well. According to Shahmeer Rafique, the response to this project is going quite well so far and this project is attracting many genuine buyers.

If you’re thinking of investing in Scheme 45 of Karachi, then these are the top choices. If you have any questions about Scheme 45, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.



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