A Look At The Top Investment Opportunities In Islamabad

There are obvious trends that have seen by the start of this year which shows a clear signal of investment in top housing schemes Islamabad.

Some societies have gained a lot of returns from the prices while some of them had least experience with them in last year.

You should be aware of the fact that if you got some property at its peak price then there are more chances that you will suffer from a quick loss. Similarly, if you purchase something which is at its initial stage of development, then it would create a better and safe returns on your investment.

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If we take a look at the economic cycle, then it clearly shows that there is always a decline stage after a peak, then recovery period which is basically a hope to the peak point. Both the situations, crest (peak point) and trough (lowest point) are always temporary. The key factor behind this phenomenon is, you have to hold on your investment during the recession stage to earn better returns on it. Time is not stable, it can reach its peak or decline.

Generally, all the real estate investments are made for long-term having participation of millions of investors throughout the country and abroad as well. You can experience rapid gains or rapid losses through this miracle. A number of inherent and extrinsic factors are there that determines the value of a housing scheme like development standards, location, services, amenities, security, maintenance, nearby facilities and road access.

For Example:

Islamabad Highway Signal Free Corridor project has made the prices to rise in the nearby housing schemes Naval Anchorage, Gulberg, DHA, Jinnah Garden, PWD, River garden, Soan garden etc. Similarly, Margalla Avenue project will affect the prices in D-17 and B-17. New Islamabad International Airport project is affecting prices of many housing societies like Faisal town, Mumtaz city, PECHS.

If we take a look at last year prices in Jinnah Gardens, Bahria Enclave, Top city 1, Bahria Enclave, DHA Phase 2 extension, DHA Phase 3 and DHA Phase, then this year we can shift our predilections due to some mega developments in Islamabad.

Here is the list of those housing schemes which are expected to perform better this year.

Top City-1:

Top city 1 is the partially developed housing scheme and lies on the motorway having easy and direct access to Kashmir Highway. It is considered to be the best housing society for investment in 2017 due to many external and internal factors including the inauguration of the new airport, the opening of Kashmir Highway and the inauguration of metro bus service. 

Prices in Top city 1 has already increased by 100% and there are expectations of a further rise in these prices.

Moreover, it is expected that the project will be completed this year due to the last year of government power. Thus, the government will try their level best to tag on these mega-projects before next election.

Bahria Enclave:

Bahria Enclave Islamabad is the one which has high standards in terms of development and growth. It is just about 5 minutes’ drive from Park Enclave. It is one of the ideal places for investment or residence in Islamabad. More than 50 % area of Bahria Enclave is developed and the rest is under construction.

The prices of plots have been increased by 20% to 50% in the last year. There are high chances and expectations of growth this year too. Due to such expectations, many investors are keenly interested in this project.

DHA Phase 5:

DHA Phase 5 has performed much better than other societies. The prices in DHA Phase 5 have been increased from 25% to more than 50% in some cases. Due to the Islamabad Highway Signal Free Corridor which is under construction, there is a hope that the prices will increase further.

So, if you are interested in an investment with the lowest risk then you have to think about DHA Phase 5 because you have no other option better than DHA Phase 5.

DHA Valley:

DHA Valley will always be among the best investment options of Islamabad. The reason behind its popularity is its cheapest available options. Everyone knows that it is something with hidden potential because it’s ongoing developments are going great and as a result, the prices of homes have increased by 20% to 30% while commercial area prices have an increase from 30% to 70% which is much higher.

You can go for investment in better blocks of DHA Valley which are easily accessible.

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Bahria Town Phase 8:

Bahria town Phase 8 is located on GT road Islamabad. It has departed through the worst of times in the past 3 years. Phase 8 has taken a lot of time to settle down and now there is rapid growth and development which indicates that it’s the right time to enter the market in order to get some benefits.

Many more developments like Construction of roots, theme park, school, development of Bahria Orchard and many pending blocks like M block, F block and P block have caused prices to stay smooth. Another major factor that will affect the prices of Bahria town Phase 8 is the ring road project as it will connect Rawat to the motorway at Thalian Interchange.


Gulberg Islamabad has shown high performance in the past 2 years which is almost increased by 50% to 80% in last year. But IBECHS has slowed down the development work and has introduced a large number of files in A executive, P extension and 5 marla unallotted files in A, B and C blocks.

Gulberg Islamabad still has a potential to grow this year which will make it the only choice for investors who are seeking plots near Koral Chowk.



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