What Will The Impact Of Phase 5 Underpass Be On The Neighboring Areas?

Lahore has seen an incredible infrastructural development over the last couple of years. Have you heard the news about the most recent development of an underpass in Phase-5, DHA, Lahore? Assuming no, you should skim through this blog for the most recent development updates and their effect on the neighboring areas.

Defence Housing Authority is operational since 1975 and giving a premium residential solution to Pakistanis. DHA is acclaimed for their unique and top of the line developmental work. The name "DHA" comes and investors put their cash there with trust.

DHA has expanded their residential sectors till Phase-10 in a previous couple of years. The developmental work is being completed day and night.  The development contract for the underpass is given to Alam Khan Brothers Engineering and Construction (Pvt) Ltd.

Underpass Location:

The underpass is being built connecting Sector-C and Sector-M of DHA Phase-5. It is situated beside the Chohan Estate Chowk in Phase-5. Block B of Phase-9 Prism is situated right beside the Sector-M of Phase-5.

This underpass will affect the sector M and Phase-9 Prism and will pull the traffic from Ring Road and Bedian Road.

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Price Trends:

Coming towards the essence of our entire discussion, this underpass will shoot up the costs instantly. Block A and C, that are nearby Sector-B of Phase-9 are unquestionably going to enjoy a specific edge.

Development of the roads that are near these blocks will likewise profit the investors. These blocks will have better access to Ring Road, demonstrating a result of increased prices.

I am giving you the correlation of costs for 1-kanal plots only. Here you can clearly see that just within half a year, the costs have gone up by 37% (Phase-5) and 44% (Phase-9) in the respective blocks.

  • 6 months ago, 1 Kanal plots in sector M, phase 5 which cost PKR 135 lakh are now being sold at PKR 185 lakh and if the trend continues, they’re likely to hit PKR 250 lakh in the next 6 months.
  • Meanwhile, 1 Kanal plots in Sector-B, Phase-9 which cost PKR 80 lakh 6 months ago are now being sold at PKR 115 lakh and if the trend continues, they’re likely to hit PKR 155 lakh in the next 6 months.

Our Advice:

As I personally see it, if you are thinking to build a house to live or just want to build it for purpose of reselling, Sector-M Phase-5 will be the best decision in the next couple of months. The work is in progress at a quick pace. Shortly, the underpass will be finished, the costs are going to shoot up within the next 6 months.

I trust Phase-5, M-Block is capable of matching costs of Block A, B, H, J of Phase-6 (DHA) and Block X, W, T of Phase-8 (DHA). To date, these are considered as the best blocks to live because of their area which is right beside Askari-11 and Lahore Ring Road exchange.

Property.technologicalinc.com is always meant to give you the price updates and latest trends in Pakistan real estate. If you want to find out about the current costs of plots in DHA Lahore, you can visit our online portal.

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