Karachi Government Orders To Demolish Illegal Buildings – What’s Next?

Real estate sector has been at downfall from last few months in Karachi. The reason behind this is the prohibition by the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) for construction of ground along with two story units. These are the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The authority has approved devastation to stop illegal activities of construction in order to contrivance the ban that has been reported by different sources.

You will learn all the reasons behind the ban in this article.

Obligation Of The Ban:

The Supreme Court of Pakistan’s judicial commission has controlled the SBCA from newly issued approvals of the high-rise building in Karachi in January this year. The commission was supposedly shaped by water shortage, waste disposal, and cleanliness issues which have always been a bothersome problem in the city.

Shortage of water has affected many parts of the city and these people have no option other than relying on water tankers. The property rates didn’t see any decline in spite of inaccessibility of water.

Construction work has been stopped on all building which is under-construction by the notice of SBCA. According to notice, all the construction for ground and double story floors are considered as illegal.

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Appeals have been filed by different members from time to time in contradiction of illegal constructions. As covered by various news outlets, with a growing number of reported cases to the Sindh High Court, a lot of inconsistencies have surfaced regarding the approval mechanism of skyscrapers in the region. SBCA has received 28,096 applications for construction licenses and most of these applications are illegal and fake. Some issues like a disruption in the sewerage system and drinking water have happened due to the rapid construction of buildings in the society.

These unapproved housing units have an adverse impact on the society and its management through uneven distribution of resources. This unintended expansion is the main root of the many difficulties.

Present Condition:

By the instructions of Supreme court, SBCA has taken action against all the illegal construction. The authority’s representatives have demolished all the illegal projects, buildings, and portions of Karachi and many other cities like Hyderabad.

In the meantime, SBCA has issued warning letters to the general public for avoiding these units of illegal activities.

Builders Response:

The builders have reacted to the situation of the ban and started expressing their concerns more seriously about the launch of SBCA for defeating the illegal structure. They have shown an attitude with respect to SBCA rules, that up to 20% destruction is allowed but in case of bigger violations, the authority will impose a penalty on the builder. Moreover, according to SBCA, those rules have been taken and will continue to destruct drive until further action or order by the court.

Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD) has filed an application in the Supreme court to boost ban on high-rise buildings for approval by SBCA. The allottees of new projects were not getting possession of their property as their plan was dismissed by the court by clearly stating that there are some limits beyond which none of the cities should expand.

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Many problems like resource distribution and management in the city will be resolved by the issuance of NOC for high-rise buildings according to developer Imtiaz. Will the water be provided to the people who are living there? After getting a clear understanding of the problem and identifying its solution, now it’s time to take some preparations and steps to resolve the drinking water issue for the citizens of Karachi.

Meanwhile, most of the departments are concerned and planned something for the property buyers who have booked their units where construction activity has been disqualified. It should ensure that if the ban was made, then all the developers or builders should return the amount they received.


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