Strategies for making a small living room look Big

If anyone has a small living room then there is no need of getting disappointed. There are plenty of ways to make a small living room appear big and I will discuss some of these strategies that will surely help you.

Get rid of Curtains:

Curtains are not only the solution to decorate your house. Sunlight is very important especially in a small place, all you need is light to get your room to make it look airy and vast.

Inner and Outer Statement piece:

If you have a small room that does not mean that your inner and outer conceptions remain small. You just have to fill it up. Get a beautiful statement piece like Sofa and rest with minimal space.

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Colorful Tones:

You just have to color your small room. Like, from furniture to the walls, carpets and everything else. Everything should be in a color that looks colorful. You could go for colorful walls and stylish furniture. This would give your room a beautiful and attractive impact.


Mirrors play a key role in changing the look of your room. It makes the size of your room look double than it actually is. A big mirror should be used to cover the entire wall and you will come to know how magically it works.

Colorful Themes:

If there are no colors in the room or its wall, you should probably add some colors by choosing some colorful themes and that will make your room very attractive and stylish and give the perfect look. You have to paint the ceilings with different themes and color combination. It will give your room a unique look.

Save Space:

You can easily save some space by making and designing beautiful shelves and wardrobes. These will surely give your room some space.


One must have to pay attention towards planting. There should be indoor plants that give a greenery look to your room and make you feel fresh and active.

Create Some Space:

You just have to set your furniture and other stuff in a way that your room looks spacy and airy. Set the things from different angles.


Flooring is very important for your room. You should go for lightweight and colorful carpets and rugs instead of thick carpeting.

Enjoying Tiny Space:

Small places are perfect. They are easy to clean and hassle. So, just do not worry, sit back and enjoy your tea in your room.

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  • Shuja Hassan

    June 8, 2018 AT 01:47 PM

    i love small houses there's no need to waste your money and energy for a thing here you don't even live forever

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