Renting A Cheap Apartment In Karachi As A Student

It may amaze you, but Karachi is one of the world's least expensive cities. The city appreciates one of the lowest costs of living. Not only that, you can enjoy a sumptuous life in five-star hotels, motels, and farmhouses. The city of lights has everything available for a pleasant life. Among numerous educational giants in the city, Karachi University is a sparkling star.

Karachi University is the number one university as per the rankings of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and it is the biggest third level institute in Karachi. A student in Karachi can explore different options to live in the city.

Karachi University Botanical Garden is a tranquil place for nature and book lovers. You can become lost in thoughts while being surrounded by unmatchable green beauty. Well maintained cricket grounds are adjacent for cricket lovers to score all the fours and sixes they ever wish to.

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Surviving At The University Of Karachi:

Living expenses are of the same significance as tuition fees/charges of a university. You need to stay, live, and study for a specific period to finish your degree. It is best to rent a place if you are not a permanent occupant of Karachi. Both, government and private residential options are easily available in the city. However, it is not fitting to spend your days and evenings in government hostels. Yes, they might seem cheap at a rate of 500 PKR every day, but these hostels do not have pleasant environment/surroundings, making it difficult to have a tranquil life.

It is more helpful to lease a one-room flat to survive comfortably. You have the alternative to live in or outside the city center. One room flats in the downtown area cost around 21000 PKR rupees on average. The city center is the place where everything is available, and you can discover innumerable spots to spend and assemble a solid bond with your friends. You have different shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and numerous other options to spend quality time each day.

Additionally, condos outside the downtown area will cost you around 11000 PKR. Named after University; The University Road passes through Karachi University's main entrance and has different options for renting a room, a flat with single/multiple rooms, a condo, or a house. On average a single room flat costs around 10,000 PKR. In addition, if you are keen on living in a house either entirely or partially furnished, rents extend between 11000 PKR and 18000 PKR. Shared expenses are one advantage of living in a shared house. Sharing a room, flat or part of a house is less expensive per individual.

Rental costs along with the transportation and food costs are of massive significance. For a place without dinners, healthy meal costs around 100 PKR. Feasting out in restaurants and fast food chains are excluded in the given information. Besides, the fare involved in going to and coming back from the college can go as high as 100 rupees. You won't have any need to purchase or drive a vehicle since public transport is more convenient.

These are some statistics that you must need to know before opting for a rental residence as a student. Make sure your budget has room for all these costs without disturbing your financial stability.

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