Looking For Profitable Investment Options? DHA Phase 9 Is the Right Option

If you’re looking for the best options for investment, then DHA Phase 9 is the best option for you. So, you must have been thinking why you should invest in Phase 9? Well, there are multiple reasons for Phase 9 investment. Builders, investors and other buyers are buying plots there. The major reasons behind these investments are given below:

  • Phase 9 town offers various features like; mosques, parks, and commercial plots.
  • The number of houses in Phase 9 are rising day by day, especially in Block C of this town.
  • Builders are also investing there because it requires a low cost of construction as compared to the houses that are still under-construction in DHA Phase 6.
  • The next step after the completion of Phase 6 is the construction of the underpass that’ll connect Phase 6 to Phase 9.

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The difference between the price of a 5-marla plot in Phase 6 and Phase 9 is almost 3 million but soon this gap will reduce. DHA Phase 9 offers cheap plot prices as compared to DHA Phase 6. You can get premium plots within the community in Phase 9 whereas, in D Block of DHA Phase 6, 5-marla plot options are towards the boundary. This gap will also reduce soon, but it can never be finished, because Phase 6 offers more facilities like; bigger parks, Golf course, and DHA club. The reason behind investing in Phase 9 Town is that it’s a growing community and the property rates in this Phase will also go upwards really soon.

E block commercials are going to give a great infrastructure boost to the Phase 9 town. The reason behind it is that market starts from main Bedian Road and it’s also very much suitable for the brands for their investment. From a construction perspective, you’ll have a lower investment because the plot prices are very friendly as compared to a 5 marla plot in Phase 6. The profit would be similar to what you’d earn in Phase 6, also, you’d get a higher return on investment if you compare it to any other 5 marla house that you build in DHA.

Phase 9 town also offers features like; mosques, parks and commercial plots within DHA. It offers all basic facilities for a comfortable lifestyle. The location of 5-marlas in developed Phases (also Phases that are still developing) is not that much high in terms of location. Like; you hardly see any plot facing park in Phase 5, whereas, in Phase 9, there are many plots that are facing parks in different sectors.

After the completion of CCA 2 of Phase 6 (DHA), the next step will be the underpass that’ll connect Phase 6 to Phase 9. Another reason to invest here is that after the competition of underpass, the prices of plots in Phase 9 will certainly rise. In future, the possession will be handed over in Phase 9 by DHA and it’ll continue to grow significantly. It’s because Phase 9 town is the entrance to Phase 9 prism. You should not miss this opportunity because it’s clear that these investments will be profitable in future.

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  • furqan

    December 23, 2017 AT 03:51 PM

    Phase 9 town investment is one of the best opportunities you’ll find in today’s slow market.

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