Keep Your Inside Air Save From Smog and Pollution

Recently, everyone living in Lahore and Punjab is alarmed with Smog. It goes on worsening the air and climatic health of the city. The harmful particles of smog impact live due to road accidents and disturbances in flight as well as raises serious health risks. Some health experts caution against rising occurrences of heart or respiratory disease. Researchers that have shown that air can be twice to five times more harmful indoors than outdoor air. By remaining indoor does not mean that you are safe from the harmful effects of air pollution. It is important to prevent the intrusion of pollutants by restricting your outdoor activities and protecting your house. To protect the house from smog is as important as protecting your health.

That’s why Right deed Best Blog in Pakistan has brought you some useful tips to protect your house from smog and pollution:


Thoroughly Clean Your House to Remove Air Pollutants

Careful housing cleaning can be a simple way to eliminate possible contaminants or allergy-causing particles. Instead of vacuum-cleaning, you should use a wet mop to ward off the disinfectant from the floor. A damp towel will very easily catch pollutants rather than release them into the atmosphere again. Ensure you wash the exits and patio well from outside. If you wash, remember wearing masks. Cover bedding or polishing with dust-proof coverings if necessary.


Remove Carpets and Rugs From House

Remove wall carpeting and padding as allergens were drawn to rugs or tapestries. The contaminants will return into the air when you step along the tapestries. Likewise, drop hard sheets and choose lightweight, dust-free machine washable sheets. Before you enter home remember to take your shoes away as the footwear contain pollutants such as coal tar, ash smoke, fungal spores, chemical contaminants, etc. Within near the main gate, put an additional doormat.


Increase the Number Ventilations to Release Inside Air

Through adding exhaust fans, ventilate the air as kitchen smoke can raise indoor pollution and affect your health. The air quality can also worsen due to excess humidity. In the toilet zones, make similar arrangements. Regularly clean air conditioners and repairs them if you find any leakage. Invest in purifiers to improve inside air quality. 


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Decor Your House with Indoor Plants

Stop utilizing artificial fragrances and add additional indoor plants. The indoor plants are natural air purifiers that clean and rejuvenate air according to a report NASA. To ensure efficient clean air it is best to keep at least one indoor plant every 100 square feet of the house. Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, etc. are some common plants considered to remove toxins.


Control Your Outdoor Activities

To be saved from smog and air pollution, keep your outside activities limited especially late nights and evenings.

Restrict your kids inside the house because children are more prone to be affected by the harmful pollutants of smog. Also keep saving pregnant women, elderly and people suffering from respiratory problems.

Try combining work to reduce outdoor trips. Afternoons are the safest time to go out of the house in winter because contaminants are relatively lower in intensity.


Further Solutions for Indoor Air Pollution

We have discussed some of the measurements to save inside air from pollutions. There are slightest things that people can do to reduce outside air pollution. However, inside air pollution is in their hands with little efforts. House is a place where people spend hours and breath every single day.


Here are further preventives which you can adopt to save air of your house. These include:

  • Don’t smoke inside the house
  • Eradicate smells instead of covering them
  • Don’t frequently use the pest’s killer sprays
  • Properly do dusting of the house daily
  • Clean your house regularly
  • Keep floor mats at every door especially the entrance
  • Use natural cleaners

Preventing indoor air pollution is not a complicated process, but it does require effort. The work pays off in increased health for the family living in a home with healthy air quality.


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