Sindh Government Demanded the Bahria Town’s Rs25 Billion in Land Settlement

On Friday, the Government of Sindh submitted a petition to the Supreme Court of Pakistan requesting the Rs25 billion deposited by Bahria Town, after it acquired illegal land in Karachi.

The real estate giant has paid the Rs 460 billion down payments it is scheduled to deposit in a Supreme Court account for illicitly acquiring 16,896 acres land off Karachi's Super Highway.

The provincial government indicated in its petition that the province faces budget deficiencies currently. The report said that the federation awarded the public sector development program to the province only Rs9 billions of Rs14 billion in the last fiscal year.

There is a fear that continuing development projects will be postponed or delayed because provinces facing the problem of finance, according to the provincial government.

In view of the present financial condition of the province, it asked the tribunal to hand it over the money received by Bahria Town.


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The petition also asked the tribunal to give Sindh government any future compensation by the real estate giant.

All these funds would be invested through a proper supervisory committee, it was said in the petition.

The Federal Government had previously requested the deposit of the total amount paid in its account by Bahria Town in the apex court by August 22.


“It is prayed that the entire money deposited by the Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd and held by the Supreme Court may be ordered to be deposited in the ‘public account of the federal government’,” it read.


In the petition, the money presented to the high courts and to the Supreme Court became the part of public funds of the federal government.

In this connection, Justice Azmat Saeed stated that the Court would listen to the respondents ' stance and then will decide. The Sindh Government had received a notification and requested an reply.

On 21 March, the top court in Pakistan accepted the offer of Bahria Town to pay Rs 460 billion for the property it obtained illegally. Bahria Town's Sports City project was not included. People who purchased plots will be reimbursed in other projects.

On 4 May 2018, the Court held that Bahria Town was illegally given property by the Malir Development Authority. The Sindh government allocated the property to the MDA for the construction of a housing scheme. But the MDA exchange the land with the Bahria Town.

The real estate was not even allowed to sell plots or flats in the housing scheme. The High Court heard a case regarding the implementation of its judgment.


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