KP Government All Starts to Open Its First Artificial Lake in Galyat

Peshawar:  According to a media source, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa govt is developing an artificial lake in Galyat's progressively famous tourist location. This project is a component of a number of initiatives by the provincial department of tourism to turn the tourism sector into an industry.

The department establishes recreation equipment such as motorboats and kayaks on the lake and provides fundamental amenities for both national and international visitors in an effort to promote this measure.

The authorities involved recently reported on the lake development policies adopted in the province with KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and Prime Minister Imran Khan.


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Ihsan Hameed, a spokesman for the Galyat Development Authority (GDA), said the paddleboats and other sights were at the lake. Likewise, freshwater matches are being organized with plans to improve the number of visitors to the site.

In addition, he said that fresh places in Galyat have been developed and that in the provincial government's Annual Development Program (ADP), the KP government has assigned adequate budgetary resources for tourism advancement.


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