No more Desi Lahori food drive

Instead follow the healthy nutritious diet

Form the very inception of Pakistan, Lahore has been the source of special attraction. With the “city of Gardens” it is now known for its food specialties. Special phrase is attributed to it i.e. “Lahore Lahore Hai”. This is the phrase people always say when they talk about Lahore.


Lahore is a hub of desi foods and no one can deny the fact. First people used to visit some dhabhas for desi foods, then comes the tradition of high-end dinning culture. But Lahore never lost its unique attempt to touch your taste buds with traditional desi foods.

On one side, Lahoris love desi foods but some areas of Lahore become more conscious of their healthy diet with what should they put in their systems.

With good lifestyles instead of being a standard, individuals tend to go for nutritious and healthy food. Lahoris' taste has developed and more individuals are prepared to taste healthy food and dining. In this burgeoning health-care industry many restaurants like Sweet Affairs and The Brasserie presented keto menus and many same restaurants are in the run of winning the hearts.

Here we brought some of its kind.

Macro Counted

Macro Counted began as a home-based company as its name implies and now produces calorie food suitable for health. The owners knew the need for a takeaway when the business began catching up. "healthy food is usually eaten at home and isn't an activity," Shehryar Ali, the owner. The fresh business entry was rendered clear with the intention to open several of these taking areas in Lahore, in a variety of fitness spaces, and to cooperate with other establishments such as Burning Gireffe. About people's consciousness of macro calories, he suggests: "No consciousness is midway–individuals are afraid to get started but once they get involved, they will become used to it”.

(GYM) Get Your Meal

GYM is a little joint to DHA-that can serve and customize healthy foods. For every meal of your favourite, there is a calorie counted at the menu, thus describing the calories count allows you to see precisely what you eat. The reverse is that there is a bit of wait when you take food away, which is normally the case. If you can personalize dinner, it also implies that the restaurant does not limit to dieters, but health conscious people can also come for dinner. Have a sandwich, wrap, or bowl; select your meat and vegetables, and then your sauces and have a tasty meal that you understand precisely what you get.


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Thanda Garam

Situated right next to GYM, Thanda Garam (TG) is another hotspot for anyone looking for a healthier choice in DHA Lahore. They have sweet dishes, healthy salads and whipped cream waffles. They're not too healthy, but you'll discover a nice one if you're searching for a cheat dinner here. Thanda Garam wants to choose more healthy products from their food, and you can see that they will come up once they are. The greens, the eggs, and the cheeses are every component clearly present; and we would suggest dining here for your visual experiences! There is also the cold press juice, which Thanda Garam launched very first in the city.

Diet by Design

A name that could have been found on maps across the city, Diet by Design is the eldest of the few restaurants OF this type in the city. They are a suitable advisory service that plans dishes based on your height, weight and metabolism to obtain, a good way to lose weight without sacrificing your favourite sweet tooth. You can get food from the clinic, Esajees and other supermarkets throughout the town via an extensive consultation. With diet food, the customer must be feeling comfortable and DBD has easily made its meals accessible for you. Think of 210-calorie tikka, a 97-calorie brownie, or sajji and 160-calorie rice–this is a full victory for you over your diet.

Final words

There's a popular saying that the Lahori people say "Lahoris can do anything to eat this lovely food." Lahori food is delicious, pleasing and gratifying weather it is desi food or some dietary food such as described above.

So, which one you prefer!


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