Best Asian Countries to Visit in September

In its lovely target cities on the continent, Asia welcomes millions of visitors every year. Tourists visiting countries in Asia need to compete for accommodation, attractions and breathing rooms with so many famous travel destinations. In the hotter months of the year this tends to raise. But there's a trick to bypass the beauty and wonder of Asia by tons of fellow visitors: visiting in September. In autumn, many journeys have declined, making it an excellent time to visit at lower prices and fewer tourists. Though September may be cloudy in Asia, a number of nations have good weather.

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

In this Malaysian city, with mostly clear skies, you can imagine fairly hot weather in September. Kuala Lumpur offers a wondrous range of cuisines, probably owing to its varied culture. For a fraction of the costs of other Asian comparable cities, Kuala Lumpur is contemporary and lovely.

Malé, in Maldives

Although in September, this city still sees rain, Malé can expect a lovely payoff. The typical Maldives obtain light a few afternoon evenings showers and beautiful sunsets every day. The Maldives is the capital of the world's water-villa with fairly decent prices.


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Nha Trang in Vietnam

Although this town may still have some scattered showers, by mid-September Nha Trang will surely dry up. This is called one of Asia's most economical beach cities, and prices for 3-star resorts as small as $20 per pair. There are few sights in this town, but there is a coastal view, lovely sand and inexpensive prices that create it worth visiting.

Singapore in Malaysia

The island of Singapore is warm and moist all year round and can receive still some rain in September. It’s a city-state on southern shore of Malaysia. However, do not be afraid, because Singapore is ready and intended to protect its visitors from moisture and rain. Singapore's highlight and cheapest appeal is the overwhelmingly sweet and amazingly economical cuisine.

Seoul in South Korea

There can still be some showers, but in the early September Seoul is a beautiful place. This vast city is a famous tourist destination with lovely views and sights. Seoul visitors can expect a marvelous confrontation of contemporary architecture and Buddhist ancestral shrines.

Beijing in China

After warm and rainy summers, Beijing dries up quite beautifully in September. This city is affordable and can be enjoyed on a fairly small budget. Many sights can be seen here, including many of the most important cultural places: China National Museum, Tiananmen Square and old imperial palaces. The great wall of china is the best source of attraction if you want to visit China.


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