Saima Arabian Villas

Saima Group is a reputable brand in the Pakistan real estate industry, recognized also as Saima Builders and Developers. Many villas, houses, flats and even high-rise shopping centers have been built. Saima Arabian Villas is a Saima Group housing project situated in North Karachi, a modern city. Arabian villas living in Saima providing simple access to a variety of amenities such as mosques, colleges and parks.


Amenities Of Saima Arabian Villas

  • prime location
  • Secured area
  • Modern styled houses
  • Natural Gas connections
  • Easy Access to life facilities


Importance of Location

Situated in North Karachi's Gadap town. It has eight sections: from A to H. North Karachi stretches across a vast region, away from the business of the main city. It offers large, smooth highways, lovely green parks and many more. The city of New Karachi, Surjani Town and Gulshan-e-Maymar influences popular neighborhoods.


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Amenities in Saima Arabian Villas

• Installed CCTV cameras on different sites.  

• Night patrol police cars.

• Every block of grocery stores, parks and mosques, and a walk from all fundamental facilities.  


Underground Power Lines

In Saima Arabian Villas there are many contemporary facilities. They have underground electricity pipes placed instead of the overhead cable wires. There is little or no decrease in tension as underground cables advantage. As a result, electrical defects are less likely. In turn, this decreases the total cost of maintenance. Moreover, there were no gas connection is the near past but now the connection has been provided to some of the blocks which ahs heighten its importance.


Presence of Educational Institutions 

As well as gas and electricity connections, there are also many colleges in Saima Arabian Villas. Families with school kids can choose from a nice combination of state and top-class private colleges. Nearby are the Primary School for Government, the Islamic Al-Mumtaz and Talha Grammar School. Parents also register their kids in Sector 1 Surjani City School in Karachi City School and even in North Nazimabad colleges just a 30-minute ride away.

Not only can people be residing in the villas in Saima Arabian have access to good colleges, but also higher education institutions are easily accessible. A 20-minute ride from Hamdard University, a top-quality higher education institution. This is a campus designed to accommodate different faculty of engineering, health sciences, information technology and Unani medicine. There is a vast area on the campus where unusual plants are cultivated for both research and educational reasons. The workshop also invents new medications. There are also other known universities in Saima Arabian Villas, such as Iqra University and Jinnah Women's University nearby.


Worship Facilities in Every Block

Saima Arabian Villas Living has its advantages. For example, for your daily prayers you do not need to cover lengthy distances. Every block has a unique prayer site, better known as the Jamia masjid. In Blocks A, B, C and E there are main mosques. A unique mention is required of the Bait-ur-Rehman mosque in Block B. It has a typical dome and a façade.


Grocery Stores

In its buildings Saima Arabian Villas has numerous supermarkets. To store your monthly supplies, you do not have to move far. Syed General Store and Bin Mumtaz Store in Block B are situated here. There is also a possibility for people to go to Supermarkt in New Karachi if the local grocery stores do not have what they need.


Sports Facilities

The easy access to contemporary sports equipment is one of the benefits of living in Saima Arabian Villas. For kids, there is a skating rink. For a pleasant living, builders of the project took every aspect into account. The leadership has assigned a unique sports center with tennis and basketball courts to the Saima Arabian Villas master plan.


Parks And Amusment area

The accessibility of family parks in each block is another important characteristic of the Saima Arabian Villas. People stroll through these beautiful green, well-kept parks for an afternoon and have a time of peace. The participants of various activities will never be disappointed. On unique times of 14th August and the New Year, the leadership of Saima Arabian Villas will hold activities. The 2018 Independence Day was also celebrated at an Azadi festival.


Real Estate in Saima Arabian Villas

In the near future rates are anticipated to raise in real estate in Saima Arabian Villas, particularly after the installation of gas links in all buildings. This specific enhancement has boosted investors ' interest in finding a decent chance to invest in the housing projects of Saima Group.

Let's see buildings in the housing society for rent. There is no better choice than purchasing a home in Saima Arabian Villas for anyone interested in investing in North Karachi.

A 120 sq yd building is in popular demand ready-to-move-in for Saima Arabian Villas. You're going to have to pay PKR 65 lakh to 1.2 crore. A 160 sq yd house is a nice way of considering if you're searching for a bigger house. Check the price, from 86 lakh PKR to 1,2 crore PKR. The PKR 35 lakh to PKR 55 lakh range provides a 2-bed apartment on offer in Saima Arabian Villas. Shops are also to be sold, beginning with 46 lakh PKR and up to 60 lakh PKR.

If you are interested in other upcoming housing projects of Saima Group, then stay tuned to the  Also, don’t forget to check out our detailed blog on the other property sale demand.


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