Stunning Sunny Beaches: Enriches the Beautification of Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with beauty of nature. But when we talk about nature and beauty, we always get the glimpse of northern mountains, serene beauty of green lush hills of Hunza, Kashmir. The flowing rivers between the valleys.

OH! come down! we are talking about another type of beauty here. The beauty of land near the blessed Arabian sea border in Karachi, Baluchistan and Gwadar.

These are the amazing places other than lush green mountains.

The Arabian Sea coast line provides tourism and vocational places but the irony is that with all of the beauty, cleanliness and sunny environment, these beaches were neglected.

But for your cause, if you are wondering to enjoy some calmness and water side other than Clifton, we have complied a list of beautiful beaches in Pakistan.


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Pakistan has several untouched beaches with huge tourist attractiveness potential. You can visit each of the beaches in the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan on the Makran Coastal Highway.

There are countless beaches in the north of Balochistan that you can explore. Better yet the Makran Coastal Highway allows you to travel most of them.

Let’s scroll down to have the detail.

Hawke’s Bay Beach

Karachi is not far from Hawke's Bay Beach so you can take a journey one day in this exotic place! But if you live in other city than Karachi, then you must to pack your bag because it will take your time. It is some 20km far from Karachi at its south-west. The Hawke’s Bay was named after Bladen Wilmer Hawke, who first had a beach house in 1930s. the beach gives pleasure to hundreds of people daily who comes here for swimming, camel and horse riding and vocational enjoyment.

Sandspit Beach

Karachi's Sandspit Beach is another pleasant alternative that is even closer to the city. Sandspit is the southwest beach of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It's a popular tourist destination. Here you can find remarkable range of sea algae and crabs. The shallow water here is the perfect place to swim and sunbathe. The rocky structure is unusual. Horseback riding and camel riding at the Sandspit Beach are included.

French Beach

The French Beach would be the finest choice if you want to enjoy the quiet and serene Arabian Sea! Before preparing for the trip, make sure you book your hut! Karachi French Beach is a small fishing village that is frequented by the élite of Karachi and is well-known to the local people as Haji Ismail Goth and is between Hawkes Bay and Paradise Point. It provides 95 cottages for rent, built by the villagers, surrounded by a wall.

Cape Mount Beach

You can travel to Cape Mount Beach when you're in sea sports. For fun operations such as Snorkeling and Scuba Diving, a ship from the neighboring Mubarak village can bring you to Churna Island. Make sure that your trip seat has been reserved!

Cape Mount is effectively a headland on the edge of the triangular peninsula, extending into the Arabian Sea from Karachi's mainland. Due to the convergence between a low-lying mountain range and the ocean, the cap is created. The farthest you can go westward, logistically speaking, while you stay in the city area. To get there, a set of beaches at the foundation of the sim should be bypassed which are The Sands pit, the Hawks Bay, the French Beach, the Paradise Point and the likes are located in the foundation of that triangle and proceed until it finishes. The location is untouched and less populated because of its remoteness and the lack of amenities such as beach cottages.

Paradise Point

On a drive less than 6 KMs from the French Beach, you'll find the Paradise Point on the Paradise Bay. It's a perfect picnic spot for families! Paradise Point is a promontory of sandstone rocks with a natural arch. The beach is equipped with family amenities and tourist attractions, including beach bike and camel rides, amusement parks, hotels and swimming facilities.

We have pointed out some of the beaches here that are easy and convenient to go with family and friends. 


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