The Government of Punjab Has Taken Action To Encourage Overseas Investment

LAHORE: Radio Pakistan reports that the government has formed a pleasant, business-friendly environment to promote foreign investment in the province, tells Punjab Minister for information, culture, trade, and trade Mian Aslam IQbal.

Mian Aslam told reporters in Lahore that, with China's collaboration, there was a special economic zone at 400 acres in Lahore, at a price of $500. He said the initiative will generate 30,000 employment and will increase commercial and trade in the province.

The provincial minister said, “Foreign investors are keen to invest their capital in Punjab due to splendid facilities and prudent economic policies of the government.”


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On 9 April, Jawan Bakhat Hashim, Minister of Finance of Punjab, told the Punjab government that it is implementing stable and strategically advantageous policies to promote business and trade in the province.

Jawan Bakhat Hashim told the 29- French business delegation that the regional government has already initiated a new industrial policy, in addition to many other measures towards making it easy to do business. They had already visited the Chief Minister's office.

He said the Punjab administration's top priority is promoting agriculture and SMEs and said that they provided farmers with easy loans, contemporary technology, nutrients from agriculture and equipment for developing agriculture.


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