Islamabad's Master Plan Revising Commission Takes Longer

ISLAMABAD: For the committee established in last December to revise the master plan of Islamabad, the federal government has chosen to extend the time limit.

The govt also chose to add fresh representatives to the committee from a cross-section of society. Sources indicated that in the next few days, the new names will be finalised.

In December last year, the committee was set up to finish the first-ever review of the master scheme, by a date of 13 July, within six months.

The sources said that during this time the participants of the Committee finalized and strengthened their recommendations statements.


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At the same time a Request for a Proposal (RFP) is finalized and soon the government will hire a consultant through a competitive process to conduct nearly 20 studies.

The state aimed the fresh members to include architects, city planners, horticulture workers, attorneys, environmentalists, engineers and business group officials.

One source in the Ministry of Interior said the Committee would study the data available to the convener and produce a draft report, including certain specific points for a decision aimed at preservation and enhancement of the green nature of Islamabad, within one month. The advisors will create implementing plans and schedules in the meantime.


“The commission already has good experts who have done a great job in the first six months. The addition of new members should be made with utmost care, as there are reports that some consultants of the developers and housing societies in Islamabad are also trying to become members of this important commission,”


Recently, the committee rejects the CDA's proposition to improve the storeys in the centres in neighbourhood economies and industries. The representative said it would be useful to make the investment plan properly reviewed by adding individuals of excellent repute.


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