Going Through the Narran Valley in Summer

It is interesting to note that Summer is actually the tail end of excitement in northern areas.


We have been taking refuge from the mountains over the centuries by causing damage to them and we are still doing the same to those surroundings. A mountain is obviously home to many creatures. It tells how simple our lives can be. We always find the sense of belongingness in the lap of mountains. We summit their own stairs to feel the thrill, conquer our fears, and unite our worlds.


In all its territorial variety, Naran boasts a large number of beautiful and evocative mountain localities, ideal for visiting in summer, but winter is also beautiful there. From north to south, the Naran high altitude mountain scene offers tourists a range of landscapes: lakes, incredible forests, enchanting villages and borgoes rich in history, traditions and, of course, gastronomic pleasures. Sports, fun and relaxation dance perfectly there in a mountain of high land, both amidst snow or in the conditions of fair seasons.

The major part of Naran’s mountain retreats also invite visitors to experience a wide array of cultural and outdoor activities each season: the list just goes on!


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Naran comes after the Mansehra and Abbotabad when travelling from Rawalpindi. The first amazing thing of nature that start fascinating you from the very first is a small village called Rajwal.


Rajwal is beautiful, surrounded by mountains which are mostly green but start showing hints of snowy white as you move further up north. The temperature was around eight to 10 degrees during the afternoon and would drop to around one to two degrees at night. The roads which lead to Rajwal are wide and city-like, although one occasionally sees herds of goats and sheep being shepherded across the roads.


Rajwal is airy and does not want some spacious or airy things to carry with you. Walking down the street, you will see some shops where you can buy some food or mineral waters. Night are chilling and best part for you is that a cup of tea or coffee and you would not be freezed.

After Rajwal, comes the Saif ul Malook. The land of Fairies. By approaching there first thing that revives in your mind is travelling account of Mustansar Hussain Tarar, that tells “fairies reside in Lake Saif ul Malook”.


Saif-Ul-Malook, A Place of Fairies

The lake can be reached in the summer by highway since Saiful Malook lies between a mountain valley.

This lake was named after an Egyptian prince and was located more than 10 000 feet above sea level and encircled by mountains.

The path normally coverd with snow in winter. Only on foot was the route to get there. The scenario and imagery totally shift as compare to summer, but it still has its own beauty.  Even in dreams, no one can imagine walking through this beautiful place and approaching there becomes a reality.

In both seasons, this perspective is worth seeing. It requires approximately two hours to walk there and another two to get back. It takes five hours approximately.

Many tourists consider it a must-see stop to visit Naran. Lake Saif-ul-Maluk represents the waters of the nearby hills and creates a unique place.

Lalazar Meadows

The meadows of Lalazar is 13 kilometers from Naran. The natural environment makes this a desirable place to visit. Lalazar is situated close a pine forest close local mountain. Visitors also remarked on the beautiful sight of the below valley as Lalazar lies 10,500 meters above sea level.

Kunhar River

The Kunhar River flows across the centre and is right next to the Naran. Many visitors enjoy sitting by the lake and enjoying the outdoors or rafting which has also become a popular activity in recent years.

Lake Lulusar

Lake Lulusar is the biggest lake in the Kaghan Valley, draws tourists to itself. It is also simple to get to 30 thousand miles from Naran, since it's simple to get to Jeep. However, in winter and early summer the snow and rain keep the lake closed. The soft waters of the lake represent the nearby hills and are very picturesque. It is also a nice place for those who plan a walk to the other lakes around them.

Final words

After hearing so much about Naran and its lakes, it is the time to go to it! Although July is considered as wet season, the destination becomes more beauty in rainy season.

In spite of the markets, luxuries and flocks of tourists, Naran Valley remains preserved in its majestic state with marked trails to explore the lakes, meadows, mountains and the many natural wonders without leaving a trace.


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