Budget 2019-20: FATA Takes the Highest of PKR 152 Billion

Islamabad: The Revenue Minister has announced that the Government has allocated PKR 152 billion of funding for the growth of FATA's newly merged tribal areas. During his speech on the budget at the National Assembly yesterday he communicated that information.


The funds allocated are also spent on projects that form part of the ten-year growth strategy. The Minister also announced that PKR 11 billion was earmarked for Balochistan growth initiatives.


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These projects cover farmers ' scheme in which the state will provide them with insurance facilities in case their income faces unfortunate events.  Revenues of PKR 2.5 billion will be reserved for this purpose.


The government also provided resources for projects initiated under the Economic Corridor between China and Pakistan (CPEC). They include farming, special economic zones, industrial sectors, and the main line 1 project of Pakistan Railways.


Furthermore, for the 9 development projects in Karachi, the state intends to allocate PKR 45,5 billion.



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