PKR 1 Billion Approved for Development in Haripur

Haripur: A news source quoted Deputy commissioner Arifullah Awan that he said the project to raise and embellish the Haripur area will start In July.


He said that PKR1 billion has been approved by the government for the project that will be implemented in two phases throughout the three districts, including Haripur, Khanpur and Ghazi.

He spoke here on Tuesday to the members of the Haripur Union of Journalists. The occasion was also attended by Assistant Commissioner Arafat Mujtaba Bharwana.


The mega project will involve 54 small and large projects for PKR 700 million in Phase One, while PKR 300 million in Phase 2. He said that the project would be carried out by all three municipal administrations and communications and work departments.


He also said that the projects aimed at improving the parks, footpaths and media centres, developing greenbelts, rehabilitating roads, managing traffic intersections, improving conditions at bus terminals, fixing the defective road lighting, installing road signs, relocate power poles, restoring heritage sites and food streets.


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