The Government Allocated PKR 8 Billion for Punjab Aab-E-Pak Authority

Lahore: The Punjab administration has approved and granted the Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority with a monetary budget of PKR $ 8 billion, a news source reported.


The government-led Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has decided to concentrate heavily on providing the people with clean drinking water.


The installation of water filtration plants will be monitored personally by Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar.


The authority of Aab-e-Pak was established last month to deal with the problems of access to clean drinking Water for the people of Punjab.


The authority will install several new water filtration plants throughout the province and rehabilitate over 1000 in projects to provide active water supply.

The Authority has submitted to the Punjab Planning and Development Board a proposal for 8 billion PKR to implement its plans. The Board now has the approval to grant the number of funds needed.


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