Foreign Minister Asks for Multan’s Infrastructural Development Funds

Multan:  Shah Mehmood Qureshi has demanded the Punjab Government for additional funds to upgrade the infrastructural development of  Multan.


Qureshi said during a meeting to conduct a review of the performance of many government


Departments. He said that the government's current leadership consider the compliance with transparency and merit dictates is the way to eradicate corruption from Pakistan.


The Minister for Foreign Affairs also gave directives to the officers of the Waste Management Company to address the shortage of workers and equip them with the necessary machinery. He instructed them to make the whole city clean.


Mentioning that 35% of the city is deprived of the proper sewerage system, he directed the concerned officials to upgrade the wastage system as soon as possible.


He also directed the concerned authorities to commence the WASA default operation to recover dues of PKR 1.25 billion. At the same time, he called on the local parliamentarians to speak out in the assembly in order to tackle the problems of Multan. He assured that the political leadership is standing with the district administration to make the city progressed and prosper.


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