Weekend Surveillance Begins to Prevent the Expansion of Slum Areas in Islamabad

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority for (CDA) decided to launch a weekend surveillance cycle to prevent slum expansion in the city, according to a news source. CDA spokesman Safdar Shah has stated that most illegal constructions are built during the weekends, according to the observations of the municipal authority: the period within which the authority is unable to monitor their development.


Shah added that to curb this activity, the CDA decided to assign enforcement officers in the city's slums during the weekends to avoid such intrusions. He said the inspectors and supervisors assigned to the sites will take immediate action before they complete the construction.


Several reports show that in Islamabad there are currently nearly 42 slum areas. Over the years, the CDA has used a number of actions to solve the problem, but all of these efforts have largely failed. The residents of these slum area are still living without basic living facilities.


The CDA published a statement on Saturday stating that the expansion of the slums is now under strict monitoring in various areas of the city. The assigned teams of the Authority continued to work throughout the weekend and demolished several illegal buildings which were about to be completed.


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