PM Imran Presents Plans for Growth Of BRI

Prime Minister Imran Khan urged world leaders to work together to deal with obstacles in sustainable global growth.

The Prime Minister presented five ways to further expand the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in his speech at the 2nd Belt and Road Forum in Beijing on Friday.


"We must first of all work jointly on climate change mitigation. We successfully planted a billion trees in our province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He suggested that in the next two years we initiate a common project for planting 100 billion trees so that the effects of climate change can be mitigated for our future generations.


"Secondly, to promote people-to-people contact and intercultural understanding we should establish a BRI tourism corridor.


Thirdly, a Co-operation Office to Combat White Collar Crime should be established. The world is devastating with white-collar crimes.


"The Poverty Reduction Fund should be set up to supplement national efforts to combat poverty and malnutrition. A targeted poverty alleviation program known as ' Ehsas ' has recently started up in Pakistan. In a matter of decades, China's spectacular success is to lift 800 million people from poverty, "the PM said.


' At the last, we must strive to further liberalize trade and investment flows by promoting cooperation between our private sector and companies in projects.


He said that "The BRI provides a model of collaboration, partnership, connectivity and shared prosperity in a world of geopolitical uncertainty, increasing inequality and trade barriers. Today’s presence of so many leaders is proof of hope over desperation and co-operation.


Pakistan, he said, was one of BRI's "earliest and most enthusiastic supporters" and talked about the Chinese-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) ' s "substantial progress." "The supply of energy from Pakistan has massively increased. We are wrapping up our fundamental infrastructure gaps. Gwadar, once a small fishing village, quickly becomes a business hub. The biggest airport in the country now is Gwadar Airport.


"The next phase of CPEC is being undertaken jointly, with more focus on socio-economic upliftment, poverty reduction, agricultural cooperation and industrial development. By closer commitment and deeper cooperation in the areas of education, innovation and technology, we are expanding the borders of knowledge.


Quoting a Chinese proverb – “The ocean is vast because it rejects no rivers”

 PM Imran said Pakistan would continue "to work with China and other BRI partners for a better future of our people on the basis of mutual respect and equal opportunity."


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