PM Announced Development Project in Tribal Areas

South Waziristan: Prime Minister Imran Khan on 24/04/19 announced to allocate Rs100 billion annually for the development of tribal areas.

The PM Said:

“This has not been spent in the last 70 years,”

Adding that, education and poverty are the major problems of the tribal areas.

Prime minister said that he knows all the problems tribal areas face, and have been faced in past and that the policies of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government will address all those issues.

 He inserted that “I believe a country can’t make progress until all the deprived areas are elevated, based on vision I believe tribal areas were left behind.” Pakistan should have been founded on basis of Madinah state and justice is one of the fundamental principles of it.

The prime minister said that his government will distribute Sehat Insaf card to the families residing in the tribal areas under which Rs 7.2 million can be spent for medical treatment. “I know how difficult is to seek treatment when you have no finances.”

Surgeons and doctors will be appointed in hospitals and a special employment quota for the youth of tribal areas will also be introduced.

“We will build 100 km roads, two degree colleges and a state of the art sports complex.”

In addition to this grid stations will be built to overcome the power outage. Electricity will also be generated through solar power, the premier said, adding that, small dams will be built to overcome the water shortage.

PM requested to the people of the tribal areas to remain patient as, the country was going through a tough economic situation, and “facing shortage of funds.”

Rs 6000 billion debt has jumped to Rs trillion in 2018. Our entire tax collected is Rs 4500 billion, Rs 2000 billion is spent on paying interest of debts.

“This country is rich, we will uplift it. We are collecting funds. You will see a change in Ramazan as soon as the funds start pouring in.”


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