Welcome Summer With Solar Panels Say Goodbye To Power Shortfall With Solar Panels

Summer is finally here which means there is going to be a power shortage in Pakistan. So save yourself from this havoc, you need to install the solar PV system.

To find out why, let’s check this out.

Say summer and the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is hot sunny weather. But little did you know – solar panels actually work best in that! While heat itself doesn’t contribute to electricity production in photovoltaic cells, solar panel productivity is hugely affected by ambient air temperature.so that’s why its best in summer.

The table below will show you the summer daylight hours in Pakistan.




On the other hand, a drop in temperature can give your solar panel a productivity boost. Ideally, you want bright, sunny, yet cold long days during summer. However, since that’s rarely the case, here solar PV system starts to play an important role.

The earth tilts north and south slightly on its axis as it goes around the sun. This phenomenon is predominantly responsible for seasons. In summer, solar panels receive more sunlight as the northern hemisphere tilts towards the sun, which reasons the days to be longer as the sunlight knock outs, the surface directly. Contrariwise, in winter the southern hemisphere comes into the sun’s spotlight causing the days to get shorter in the north and the light is also gentle as compared to summer.

Obviously, you will see some abnormality in the amount of power your solar panels will generate as you move through the year. But let’s say you live in an area that’s far cloudier in winters. Your solar panel productivity is certain to drop which may cause you to think is it the right decision to get used of a panel for half a year.

Well fear not to go after solar, your electricity will see a massive change. Solar homeowners collect two avowals – a monthly report which shows the balance left for the month and yearbook “true-up” statement that says your net energy usage for the last year.

Many homeowners are pleasantly shocked that their meter starts running back and forth when they go to the PV system. This is mainly due to the Net Energy Metering (NEM), which allows homeowners (now consumers of energy) to sell their excess energy into the grid.

Now that the summer months allow your area to get more sunlight, your solar panels generate excess energy in comparison to the winter that can be sold to the grid. Therefore, if you receive your bill, the energy you have been selling will be adjusted. It's a win-win situation, in other words.

You can keep your home at a comfortable temperature with the air conditioner that run up to twice as long as it does in summer. In spring, for example, your AC has to refresh your house only 5 ° C if the outside temperature is 30 ° C and you have your AC set to 25 ° C. In summer, your CA must cool your home by 1 if the exterior temperature is 40 and you want your house to cool down to the same level.

The general electricity usage of home appliances increases on number of special happy occasions such as Eid, when your lights decorate your house. The usage of electricity will definitely increase, as the number of cooking, holidays and socialization increases.

Installing your system in such a solar-friendly occasion means you can start benefiting and utilizing your very own generation right away. This will help to balance high energy bills connected with increased air-conditioner usage and general appliance use in the warm weather, results in significant savings.

To get the most of free electricity from your solar panels, you need to use electricity during the day because that time panels produce the electricity. As an example, use your washing machine during the day, charge your mobile devices, appliances and electric devices during the day. It is because solar panels produce energy during the day and its productivity gets slower during the night or cloudy weather. But if you attaché rechargeable batteries to them, these panels can store the electricity, which can later be used in the evening.


The solar panel is the right choice for saving money, saving energy and for contributing to a better, safer and healthier planet.


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