Top Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan Where You Must Visit in Summer

Paradise on Earth in Pakistan

Hunza Valley

Valley of Hunza in Gilgit, a region under the government of Pakistan, is a mountainous valley.

Hunza is the capital city and most popular tourist destination of Hunza, Karimabad (formerly referred to as Baltit).

The people of Hunza are known for their friendliness and hospitality, as famous as the valley is for its beauty. The tourist season of Hunza is generally between May and October, as snow often hampers the Karakoram Highway in the winter. In contrast to most places in Pakistan, Hunza is more than 90 percent literacy!

 Kumrat Valley

You could be aware of many wonderful places in Pakistan which are of course beautiful. The sites of Naran and Kagan are well - known to hundred and tens of thousands of tourist visitors annually, including Nathiagali, Shogran, and Hunza. But there is a very beautiful place in Pakistan, which many people don't know. This cached gem in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is known as the Valley of Kumrat. This beautiful valley has a spectacular landscape and offers a lifetime experience for the tourists. You would also have to go to Kumrat Valley if you want to visit a place which is incredibly beautiful and doesn't have many tourists.

Kumrat Valley is situated near Swat Valley and Kalash Valley in the Upper Dir KPK District Pakistan. The Badgoye Pass connects Kumrat valley and Swat Kohistan, while Kalash Valley is connected via Kashken Top. The Badgoye Top is also a picnic spot with outsized and limestone parks. The Jeep Trail is used for the journey between Utror and the Thall Kumrat Valley, which is much more unexplored for several reasons such as bad road conditions and lack of basic facilities. The Lush Green Valley is full of meadows and plenty of trees. The Valley of Kumrat is Dir Kohistan's last border. Six villages including Patrak, Biyar, Bar comprised Dir Kohistan

Kalaam Valley

During her visit to Swat State in 1961, Queen Elizabeth II rightly called the Swiss East because Swat is an abode of high mountains, green meadows, large waterfalls, and clear lakes. The Switch is the most beautiful place in the Swat State.

The valley offers nature lovers and adventurers every luxury, but you have to walk along the narrow curvy and steep cliffs to explore its over 50 glaciation lakes.

Arang Kel

The Pearl of the Neelum Valley is located in Azad Kashmir at 8,379 feet, the picturesque village of Arang Kel. It's one of the hardest to reach villages. It's a two - hour walk from the town of Kel and around 1500 feet from the river Neelum. The Neelam Valley is bow - formed and is surrounded by thick green and lush pine trees, so natural that no words can be written.


A colonial town once nestled in the Himalayan foothills is now a popular hill resort in the northern Punjab area of Galyat. The last ten years have seen rampant growth, and Murree today resembles more closely a litter - spreading overcrowd and a thriving tourist resort because it is a picturesque and pleasantly scenic place in the country. However, Pakistani families are still extremely popular, for whom they are truly a tourist paradise and receive brilliant suggestions from this population. It is cool in summer - even cool at night - while rain is common. Murree is hidden in the winter under a thick snow cover.

A journalist from the United States Camile wrote: "To Murree anything and everything can happen. Romance is in the atmosphere; the plot is in the air, the roads to this holiday resort embrace both the heaven and the earth. The name Murree is "high place" and stands in the Pir - Panjal range at 7,517 feet above sea level. It was founded by the British in the 18th century and served as the British Raj's summer residence in the Punjab province until 1864.


The landscape of Chitral, with its steep, harsh mountains, lush green valley, magnificent wilderness, and large glaciers, is an extremely mysterious one that has made it one of the most difficult and unavailable areas in the world. Chitral has some renowned places and valleys like Garam Chashma valley, Booni valleys, Golen valleys, Arandu valley, Rumbur valleys and Bumbu valleys. 

Kalash Valley

Tens of young men, including many girls with exotic and colorful dresses, dance to music from across Kalash valley. The drums were very popular in music.

The local people at the party offered me both homemade and a fruity liquor that tasted surprisingly good.

Payee Meadows

A great trip to Paya is a visit from Shogran. On the top of Paya ridge, a luxuriant green meadow with a spectacular view on Malika Parbat, from Shogran a road climbs through the thick pine forest. Trekkers can also walk to Makra Top from there, approximately 2500 meters above. 


It is Baltistan's main city on the broad banks of the Indus River. Skardu is the Northern Area's largest district. The Range Karakoram, which walks up to the Baltoro Glacier, K2 Base Camp, and Concordia, are some of the highest peaks in the world in Baltistan. By road, Skardu is located about 5 hours from Gilgit and 10 hours from Besham by car. There is also a daily flight from and to Islamabad. The city is surrounded by sand dunes and dry rough mountains. The city is surrounded by sand dunes and dry rough mountains.

Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake Popular myths encompass the development in Pakistan of a number of geographical sites. The Katasraj Lagoon of Punjab, Choa Saidan Shah, is believed to be the death of his wife Satti, as a result of her teardrop of Lord Shiva. Ansoo lake at Kaghan has been created out of the jealousy tears of the white Giant Deuo Sufaid, when it learns that he chose Prince Saiful Mulook to marry the Fairy Princess Badr Jamal. However, attabad Lake was born in Hunza in a less romantic environment. The Hunza River was blocked by a massive earthquake in January 2010, creating a natural dam, burying 20 people under the dam.

Thousands of residents have been displaced by the rising water and counts of villages, fields, and orchards along the Karakoram Highway (KKH), 19 kilometers long. In 2012, a spill has been built to release a continuous flow of water, revealing the villages underneath as the water has receded. Just now, people are back to rebuild their homes and lives.

Khunjerab Pass

Located 4600 Meters, the highest and therefore one of the most beautiful boundaries in the world is China - Pakistan border crossing over Khunjerab pass and Karakoram Highway.

The journey is quite straightforward and needs only a little preparation but you need an extra dose of patience due to the stringent measures imposed by the Chinese authorities.

Mushkpuri top

The second highest peak in Galyat is Mushkpuri. It is in Abbottabad County, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, on the Nathiagali hills. Trek to the Mushkpuri Top and is Dungagali - Ayubia Track's second highest hill in Galiyat.


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