5 Best Areas to Live in Lahore

Top areas to live in Lahore

An old Punjabi saying goes on like this:

“Anyone who hasn’t seen LAHORE simply hasn’t lived.”

It’s the hub of country’s culture and heritage which goes from LAHORE to Kabul.

So after moving to Pakistan, I decided to live in Lahore. I had seen different areas. They could not attract me as much as this land of “Zinda Dilan e Lahore” (the land of the pure heart)

That’s why I decided to move here.

I searched out societies with the view of calmness. I preferred quite areas and peaceful areas with nature covers all around.  A place, where I can find inner peace, calmness and security. If you ask me to look for a new place to live in, these following are the areas I generally would prefer.

1. Defense Housing Authority (DHA)

The first place comes first in my mind is DHA. Most of the foreigners live here and that’s the reason. This areas has wider streets, fresh air and more quite than other areas. Shopping center like Mall of Defense is its beauty. Beside that it also has its commercial block. Different Phases are there from old to new. Phase I is the oldest and phase VI to VII newest and under developed. It has higher the living style and modern unique designs. That’s why it has higher property prices.

2. Cantonment (Cantt).

The second area that comes second in my list is Cantonment area Lahore. Cantonment itself says it’s an Army area. Foreigners are not allowed to visit this place. Here we are talking about to live in. Good thing is that you can visit or live in the residential areas. This is the safest place on earth. Square Mall is its identity. Fortress stadium and parks are also at the center of its heart. Although houses are difficult to find to rent or buy. A property consultant like Good Deed Media can solve your this problem.

3. Canal Housing Societies

After Cantt area, Canal Housing societies come on third. There are different housing societies along the Canal Road towards Thoker Niaz Baig (motorway)

• Eden Villas,
• Canal View
• Tech housing society

Are some of the names. These societies include shopping areas, fitness centers, hospitals, local markets and private security. We can’t say it’s the quite place because traffic on Canal road is heavy. But if we talk about nature, its loveliest place with tress all around.

4. Model Town

Although Canal view societies are known for nature but Model Town is known for its lovely parks and wide avenues. Shopping areas like Link Road and in C Block market enrich its attraction that’s why it comes on our fourth category. Rent prices are lower than Defence. Houses are older, but the cost of living is lower here.

5. Punjab Housing Society

Punjab Housing Society is a good solution for the more budgetary awareness.
It is situated directly near the Defense on Ghazi Road. The houses are a little closer together than in Defense road. In houses, there are not a lot of yards or gardens, but you can pay half the rent. Other services in the Punjab Society are cheaper than in nearby Defense, and you would always be
Sufficiently closer to Defense. Enjoy its supermarkets and coffee shops.
Lahore is fastest growing and is spreading far east. So if you want to buy an area for any purpose rush to have it.
Hope this article gives you best option to find best areas in Lahore.


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