Montviro Islamabad the Master Project

A project by Irtifa group which is situated on Islamabad-Murree Expressway. It is a constructive merge of nature and modesty. Montviro is an assemblage of a five-star hotel, shopping mall and a wide park which spread over the area of 326 kanals and Pakistan’s first theme park, located near the green hills and next business hub of Islamabad, it's the most commercially feasible place to invest in.

Irtifa Group of companies has a variety of brands which are as follows:

  • Fintial Consultants,
  • Liminarch Studios,
  • Wizkon Innovations,
  • Struxive Developers
  • Montviro Hotel
  • Mall and Theme Park.


The vision of Montviro is to rise in the market as a major stakeholder, the vitally strategic thinking of the Irtifa Group key leaders has helped the group to grow steadily and to expand to marketing, branding, designing, architecture, and construction.


It is Located on Murree Expressway and just 3.4km away from 17 Mile roundabout, designed on international standards by the team of professional architects. It is the best chance to get high investment returns from a commercial real estate property.  Moreover, the leading road is going to be a major tourist spot in the next few years as famed national and international brands like Grand Hyatt Hotel, Sheraton, and Bahria Golf City will be situated along the same route.


Construction phases:

The construction of the project is divided into three phases. The shopping mall will be completed in the first phase, the hotel in the second one, and in the final phase work on the theme park will be completed. The project will be complete in two and a half years and the construction is started from March 2018.

A merge of residence, shopping mall, and Hotel.


Apartments of Montviro are structured to elevate the international standards design, with enrich features that uplift your life style. Enjoy access to modern amenities that make your livings conveniently satisfied.

Shopping mall:

It is designed in five floors of luxury retail experience with the radiant planning of riverside shopping experience which makes the visitors feel to interact the nature while shopping.

Shopping mall have following in plan:

  •       IMAX Cinema
  •       Adventure City for Kids
  •       Light Show
  •       Cave Restaurant


5-star Hotel:

5-Star hotel is the master plan of Montviro. It is a perfect place for guests to relax and enjoy waterfall. A well-furnished lobby with attractive interior.It is a 5 Story framework having standard rooms, deluxe rooms and executive hotels.


Following are the facilities which are going to attract the visitors.

  •        Pakistan’s first skywalk
  •        Shopping mall
  •        5-star hotel
  •       Theme park
  •        CCTV security
  •        Easily accessible by roads
  •        Prime location.
  •        Riverside shopping experience
  •        Cave Restaurant
  •        Glittering Gold Souk.
  •        International standard fitness center
  •        Rhyming fountains
  •        Thrilling mountain safari
  •        Splashing water ride
  •        Forest camp

Commercial opportunities:

Every size of shop is available here. You can also invest in hotel rooms to buy monthly income.

Hotel payment plan:

To buy hotel rooms 30-months investment plan is offered. Detailed payment plan is given as follows:

Shopping Mall payment plan:

Shops in Atrium Mall of Montviro Islamabad will be available with a 30-month payment plan. 20% price will have to be paid in the form of down payment

With the attractive integrated structure of Theme Park, Water Rides, IMAX cinema, Mountain Safari, it will prove to be an extraordinary tourist destination for the future. It is a great investment opportunity for those who want to make the investment to double their profit. Because prices will get higher after the project will launch.


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