"DHA Quetta" Develop Balochistan Develop Pakistan

DHA Quetta Develop Balochistan Develop Pakistan

DHA Quetta:

Quetta, is located in the north Balochistan near Pakistan-Afghanistan border. It is famous for many historical reasons, one of which is the Quaid residency in Ziarat. From now on adding to these famous spots, the DHA Quetta has been launched. It is an outstanding project of housing scheme organized by Pakistan Armed Forces adding worth to this redeveloped area.

A black chapter in the history of Quetta, is that it was destroyed in the 1935’s earthquake. In 2017’ censuses (Mardam Shumari) it is observed, that it had been developed and has a population of 1,001,252. It is also considered as visiting spot, many tourists visit this station because of its beauty. This area is new fully developed, shopping mallsurist, hospital, school and higher educational system is also running here in very organized way, also playing the role of trade center between two countries.

DHA Quetta Pakistan Armed Forces:

DHA Quetta is the 2nd real estate activity in Balochistan, but in Quetta this is the 1st project. which is organized by Pakistan Armed Forces. It will prove worthy in few years because the location had chosen for this project is near to airport and market.

Expected Location:

It is located 7 kilo meters away from Quetta International Airport and 18 kilo meters from HBL Jinnah road. Approximately, it is located at Quetta rent area. But the actually location is not confirmed yet, because actual location is not announced by the authority.

Areas of DHA Quetta:

Areas of this setup are mentioned below:


Cashman Baleli

Cashman Achozai

Sra Ghurghai

Sra Khula

Tor gaga

Areas of Astride Valley

Shaban road areas

Shamozai Dam

Town planning:

Construction is going to be begin and it will prove the most gracious and qualitied project of all DHA housing authorities. Because it is the trade center of country. It is nearer to different cities western parts of Pakistan and many other cities. This plan will beat all the previous schemes through its updated designed structure.

Near about Facilities:

This Scheme is start at the center of Balochistan where the roads of market interact with other cities and others countries also. Structural designers are being taking careful step in facilities point of view.

It would be the best project from previous once. Quetta is considered the learning center of Balochistan in educational point of view, so there will not be a problem for residents at institutional level.

All local facilities are available here, transport the most feasible of them.

Estimated Prices:

Prices of real estate activity on geographical location of Pakistan are given below.

                     Area                 Prices

                   1 Kanal             1.23 Lakh

                   1 Kanal             75 Lakh

                    1 Kanal             67 Lakh

                    1 Kanal             71 Lakh  

                    1 Kanal              68 Lakh

                    1 Kanal             70.9 Lakh

Prices of this project are estimated by considering current condition of area but one’s development will start, prices will definitely get too high.

Moreover, the project is expected going to begin at the most ideal location of Pakistan, which may prove profitable for the economy of Pakistan. Market and local facilities will provide ease to residence of that location.

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