Areas of Pakistan which Attract the Nature Lovers

Nature holds our spiritual satisfaction. Pakistan has blessed with radiant places, it is full of amazing scenes and historical places. For nature lovers, Pakistan is one of the most preferred country to visit. It attracts the tourists of all over the world. Specially the northern areas of Pakistan are full of beautiful and heighted mountains, green dales, meadows, lakes and wildlife. Beauty Islamabad, murre, Kohat, Kashmir and many other places are admirable. Paths are dangerous sometimes, but it is also an enjoyment for adventure lovers.

1-Kalam Valley/dale:

Kalam dale is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the province of Pakistan. It is located along the bank of swat river at the distance of 99 kilometer from Mingora in swat dale.

Surroundings: Kalam is surrounded by thick forest, water falls, lacks and meadows, which enhance the worth of the vale.


Climate of the vale is shown as follows:















Average high °C (°F)

5.3 (41.5)

6.9 (44.4)

12.3 (54.1)

18.2 (64.8)

23.1 (73.6)

29.5 (85.1)

30.5 (86.9)

29.4 (84.9)

26.0 (78.8)

21.2 (70.2)

15.0 (59)

8.1 (46.6)

18.8 (65.8)

Daily mean °C (°F)

1.5 (34.7)

2.8 (37)

7.6 (45.7)

13.0 (55.4)

17.3 (63.1)

23.0 (73.4)

24.1 (75.4)

23.4 (74.1)

19.8 (67.6)

15.1 (59.2)

9.5 (49.1)

4.0 (39.2)

13.4 (56.2)

Average low °C (°F)

−2.2 (28)

−1.3 (29.7)

3.0 (37.4)

7.9 (46.2)

11.6 (52.9)

16.6 (61.9)

17.8 (64)

17.5 (63.5)

13.7 (56.7)

9.0 (48.2)

4.1 (39.4)

0.0 (32)

8.1 (46.7)


Tourist spots and lacks:

Ushu is located at a distance of 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) from Kalam at the height of 2,300 meters (7,550 feet). It is accessible through a non-metaled road from Kalam by jeeps only.

Lakes in kalam valley/dale are:

  •     Mahodand lake:

This is the largest and mesmerizing lake, which is located at distance of about 40km from kalam dale.

  •     Kundol lake:

It is also known as kundol dand. This is located at the distance of 19 km from kalam dale, also located in the mountain of Hindu Kush.


2-Ratti Gali Lake:

Ratti Gali lake is one of the largest water holes in Azad Jammu and Kashmir situated at 12,130 ft above from sea level. To reach the valley tourists use the adventurous way of Dowarian. It is considered as one of the most beautiful vales of Pakistan, which is accessible in June and October because the way to dowarian is closed almost, due to slow fall in other months.

In first look, location do not seem lesser than a piece of paradise, because each inch of valley effects great on eyes and heart. There are a lot of Rest houses from department of Aj&k (Azad Jamu and Kashmir) government.


Naran is located in the center of Kaghan valley at 7,88 feet above from sea level. It is the famous place of tourists in summer due to its low temperate. Average temperate of naran is 10.1. It is also 85 km from Balakot. There is also a central Market where shops, restaurants and hotels are located.

Lake Saif ul Muluk, Lalazar, Lake Lulusar and Babusar pass are located at several walks from Naran. Visitors stay here for days and enjoy these locations as well. Commonly Naran is only accessible in June because of low temperature but from last 3 years naran is receiving less snow fall, now trend is getting change for visitors. They visit Naran till late December.

4-Kumrat Valley:

Naturally , Pakistan has such places, that attracts many people over the world. Kumrat (Kafiristan) vale is one of the most beautiful places of Pakistan but mostly people did not know about this location. It is also located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa near Swat vale. Due to its breathtaking beauty, the number of visitors, who visit kumrat vale is increasing ever year. Beautiful scenes, fresh water lakes and amazing weather is a reason to attract the tourists.

In winters temperate of this location is very low due to heavy snow fall, -4 C to -10 C. Average temperature is 20 c to 25 C.

5-Fairy Meadows:

Fairy meadows is considered as the piece of paradise on earth. These relaxing meadows lie at the base of naran parbat (nanga parbat mountain also known as the killer mountain), it is the western edge of Himaliyan. It is the center of Gilgit Baltistan, which is located at nanga parbat. Fairy meadows is considered as the best place for climbers, nature lovers, photographers and painters.

Hotels and Rest houses are available there to facilitate tourists.

6-Lake Saif Ul Muluk:

Saif ul muluk is located 8 kilometers from naran and khagan valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Greenish-blue water cold water of the waterhole looks like crystal. It is also called as magical lake or the lake of fairies, which is totally frozen during snowfall. Roads of saif ul muluk are open for tourists from July to September, when temperate becomes moderate.

Climate of khagan in each month are as follows.






















-5 to

















7-Babusar Pass:

This marvelous mountain pass is one of the highest points in Kaghan valley. Babusar is location at 13,690 ft above the sea level and 80 km from Narran. Pass is very dangerous to drive; only professional drivers of these areas can drive well. Most of the time, Roads are closed due to snowfall and open from July to September only. Restaurants and Rest houses are available on this beautiful pass for tourists. Number of tourists is increasing from few years in Khagan vale, due to the Babusar pass. Dangerous

Climate of this pass is similar to Lake Saif Ul Muluk, because it is located in the area of Khagan vale.


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