All about Development and New Projects in DHA Multan

Defense Housing Authority Multan is up till now the best housing package and plan due to many reasons. The top one is that it has not disappointed any of its investors and has bestowed them with handsome gains as compared to the market value whether it is a file or a plot against that file. Seasoned potential investors took benefit of that situation as much as possible.


As far as the premium is concerned, Defense Housing Authority Multan is ahead in that respect too as the premium on 5-marla plots is PKR 525,000. In the same manner the premium on 10-marla and 5-marla plots is and PKR 730,000 and PKR 430,000 respectively. Those potential investors, who are solemnly interested in the purchase of 1-kanal and 2-kanal plots respectively, would just be paying PKR 350,000 and PKR 800,000 in addition to the already paid amount.


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This blog has been written keeping in mind the already running projects of DHA Multan which will be help full for all sorts of readers, especially those are somehow interested in this exclusive property investment opportunity. The authorities are more than willing to make DHA Multan ready to live in the mid of 2019. According to some top real estate analysts this time frame is relatively sooner than many ongoing DHA projects. This prediction cannot be regarded as a mere claim, as we can see that the development work is going on at highest possible speeds to meet the deadlines.


Before coming towards the ongoing development work in DHA Multan we would have to take a close look at the status of running projects.


DHA Multan Project Details


The DHA Multan is located near the notable educational institute of Baha Uddin Zakariya University at the vicinity of Bosan Road. It is just at a distance of 10 kilometers from the Northern Bypass. At its initial stage of development, the DHA Multan offered residential and commercial plots based on a three years equally distributed investment plan:


Plot Size

Processing Fee

Total Price

Down Payment

Quarterly Instalments x 12

5-Marla Plot  (Residential)

PKR 5,000

PKR 2,000,000

PKR 200,000

PKR 150,000

8-Marla Plot (Residential)

PKR 7,000

PKR 3,000,000

PKR 300,000

PKR 225,000

10-Marla Plot (Residential)

PKR 9,000

PKR 3,500,000

PKR 350,000

PKR 262,500

1-Kanal Plot (Residential)

PKR 11,000

PKR 6,800,000

PKR 680,000

PKR 510,000

2-Kanal Plot (Residential)

PKR 15,000

PKR 13,000,000

PKR 1,300,000

PKR 975,000

4-Marla Plot (Commercial)

PKR 15,000

PKR 17,500,000

PKR 1,750,000

PKR 1,312,500

8-Marla Plot (Commercial)

PKR 20,000

PKR 35,000,000

PKR 3,500,000

PKR 2,625,000

According to our real estate experts, DHA Multan has vastly progressed all its development work in the A, B, C, and D blocks. Moreover, construction of roads in all blocks along with the basic infrastructure on all the main boulevards and streets is steadily under processed.

The necessary projects in the light of ongoing development progress are as follows:


Event Complex


The marvelous Event Complex with all its dreamy facilities has reached its final shape, which is a great achievement in such a short span of time. You would soon be able to visit DHA Event Complex in person if you want to have a closer look by yourself.


DHA Villas


DHA Villas are ideally located in the most awaited Block D, at the heart of DHA Multan at the verge of Bosan Road. It is most wanted location as it is near to the entrance gate which was completed at the start. Due to its ideal location builders are busy constructing model villas in that vicinity.


DHA Nursery


In addition to the above ongoing projects, the DHA nursery is the most important project aspect of DHA Multan which is also very much important in the environmental sense. It accommodates all the important species of plants and seedlings which would be ultimately used for landscaping and plantation work of DHA Multan. The residents would later on use it to nourish their sweet homes with the help of all that stuff.

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