Top 5 Hiking Trails in Islamabad

With the summer season easing and the weather condition becoming enjoyable, hiking season is getting nearer. Islamabad becomes gorgeous at this time of the year, and it is the best time to draw out your hiking boots and check out a few of the most stunning routes. The best part is, if you reside in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, you don't even need to consume your getaway days for these walks.

Pir Sohawa to Ghora Gali

Among the tougher tracks of Islamabad, this is the perfect place to train for trekking in the North. It goes from Pir Sohawa Road all the way up to Ghora Gali and takes 7-9 hours. There is no return trail, so decide to return appropriately. The path runs along the top of a ridge, so there will be astonishing views on all sides. This is a hard hike, so be prepared.

Trail 3

This is among the most popular tracks as it has versions for all levels of hiking. Whether you're a first-timer or a solidified traveler, Path 3 has different branches for you. It is a walking that takes around 3 hours typically for a return hike, and leads you to Pir Sohawa, with its outstanding views and tantalizing dining establishments.

Makhniyal Second Ridge Trail

One of the very best trails in Islamabad, Makhniyal Second Ridge Path provides the unique view of the two significant lakes of the city. You can see both Rawal Lake and Khanpur Lake from this trail and will also be surrounded by beautiful greenery. This is a fairly simple hike and will take 3 hours for a return trip. You can begin with Makhniyal Village, where you can also park your vehicles.

Nooran di Galli & Talhaar Ridge Path

This is, in fact, a mix of 2 separate trails in the Margalla Hills, and isn't really precisely a newbies' hike. On the Talhaar Ridge Path, you will get to see beautiful views of Islamabad as well as Talhaar Valley, providing you a sight to behold. You can approach this path from Faisal Mosque Trail 4, and Monal Roadway. If you desire parking space, then begin with the Faisal Mosque.

On your route back, take Nooran di Galli, which goes down to Islamabad through Klinger, a village in the Margallas.

Ratta Hotar Murad Gali

A gorgeous village in a valley surrounded by the Margalla Hills, Ratta Hotar Murad Gali is among the most underrated hikes of Islamabad. From here, you can go all the way up to the top of the Margallas where Path 5 ends. You can integrate the two trails for a more challenging hike. The total time you'll require for this trek is around 4 hours and you can park your vehicles at the Path 5 parking.

So, get those hiking boots on and go explore the charm that surrounds Islamabad! These walking are perfect for your weekend, with adequate time to spare!


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